Thursday, October 6, 2016

An end of a theological era. We are finally more Catholic than the Pope.

I am pleasantly surprised by the number and quality of very-well-known faithfully-practicing Catholics who are willing to describe the war being waged against the family in Rome under the pontificate of Pope Francis.

It used to be that the corrupt could label the few people willing to say theres an elephant in the room as 'fringe' and that would be enough to scare people whose priorities include rubbing elbows with the bishop at swanky events.

Professional Catholics would agree with you under the radar but let the bishops undermine truth by tarring and feathering the prophets. When professional Catholics start repeating the rhetoric of Catholic bloggers, they're forced to acknowledge critics and attempt to defend the indefensible.

This article by a very-well respected Catholic psychologist Rick Fitzgibbons is quite an indictment.

As a psychiatrist with an expertise in the nature, origins and treatment of excessive anger, it has become clear to me that numerous statements and programs from the Vatican demonstrate the expression of excessive anger at St. John Paul II’s remarkable legacy and prophetic writings.

The new light shed upon Our Lord’s plan for marriage and sexuality, so badly needed in our time, has been very beneficial to Catholic youth, marriages, families, educators as well as the priesthood and the episcopacy over the past 35 years. It has begun to have a noticeable and constructive effect upon marriage preparation and the priestly vocation. Attempts at undermining St. John Paul II’s legacy are, therefore, almost inexplicable.

As we follow the continuous succession of ambiguous statements from the Vatican, it’s troubling to see the obvious anger expressed toward St. John Paul II and his teaching. This anger is not expressed in a clear and direct manner, but rather in an anger of the passive-aggressive type, i.e., anger expressed in a covert or masked way. This anger has been manifested primarily by ignoring his work, much as a spouse expresses anger in marriage by the silent treatment.

The patent anger against the legacy of St. John Paul II, however, has become more obvious and out in the open in a number of recent actions, particularly the seriously flawed Meeting Point online sex education program for youth from the Pontifical Council of the Family that was released at World Youth Day. This program demonstrates planned ambiguity by citing some material from Theology of the Body, while at the same time acting against Familiaris Consortio and the teaching of the Church by removing the vital role of parents in the formation of their children in this area. The program initially posted was also a threat to the psychological and spiritual well-being of youth through its use of pornographic images that were similar to the pornography used by adult sexual predators with adolescents.

I remember back 15 years ago when they introduced "Talking about Touching" as the cure for bishops who moved pedophiles from parish to parish.

The stories did not depict bishops who ordain perverts. They don't depict bishops who ignore the tell-tale signs that perverts are sexually-active. They don't depict crews at chanceries who malign and slander people who reported it.

It was a series of detailed pornographic stories stories that told the children their parents and relatives were perverts and the bishops were going to protect our children from us.

Mind boggling.

The bishops knew the lousy catechesis of the last 50 years added an extra layer of spiritual and emotional danger and they did it anyway.

I remember thinking at the time, these people don't care that they are harming children--they don't care about any of us.

I was shocked then. Twenty years later, evidence that would change my mind is somewhere between scant and non-existent.


Anonymous said...

You give Wojtyla, way too much credit.

Under his governance divorce, via the incentive that annulment gives, devastated countless marriages and he knew it well and watched it happen, while only talking about it but doing little that really made a difference.

Sorry, this 1/2 Polish man, although impressed early on, soon came to understand the deficits of this Pope. He could have strongly empowered those of us who defended our marriages. He could have given wings to our experiences of corruption and facilitated our accusations against clerics and canonists, among others, who undermined our marriages....but, no, it did not happen.

No good catholic should call him a saint. It is insulting to someone who knows better, by experience.


Michael Dowd said...

Agree with Anonymous who said..."You give Wojtyla, way too much credit."

Under him Legion of Christ founder Marcial Marciel, sexual pervert extraordinaire thrived. Annulments became the norm for nearly everyone who sought one. The pedophile scandal happened. And now perhaps half of the Catholic priests are gay. The gay mafia formed. Financial corruption happened and so on.

Instead of traipsing around the world he and we would have been better off if he had stayed in the Vatican and took care of business.

M. Prodigal said...

If you have not noticed, there is a hatred against Our Lady. There is a hatred against holiness and those who seek it. There is a hatred for those few truly holy Institutes and Orders and cloistered who have great prayer power. There is a hatred for true Catholics...

Anonymous said...

I do not mean to only be negative.

For the record, I wrote recently, keep in mind that my wife is an unrepentant adulterer for 27 plus years with the same man, to inform her pastor of what has gone on, with a 22 page email, that was also sent to the Papal Nuncio, in Washington, D.C., both two weeks ago. This email had contact information in it of people, who could confirm serious parts of what I wrote, one was a priest, one was a world class and widely respected canon lawyer, the last was our son's Godfather, who testified in the nullity cases that my wife started(all denied).

I have heard nothing.

I asked that our marriage be addressed, directly; the adultery be addressed, directly; and that the Church do all in its power to heal our marriage.

Being ignored is the story of 27 years of Catholic, accompaniment! I asked for help from before our divorce was filed.

I am not about vengeance. But, I am about accountability.

There is something, very, very wrong when a Papal Nuncio ignores written documentation of corruption. Now, if I am contacted, I cannot not trust at all.

The window of my trust has passed, again. This is too much time to prepare. The reaction should have been instantaneously with the witnesses contacted, immediately and me being notified, in person, that there would be accountability and stern accountability, if the incidents described could be seriously corroborated. Priests could have spoken to those involved within a day or two. Nothing was done.

This is Jorge Bergoglio's accompaniment.

In reality, it is a sham. It mocks both justice and mercy and it entails pure evil,
at its core.