Thursday, October 6, 2016

Pope Francis Replaces Cardinal Sarah with a Couple of Heretics

Of course.

If you're a pope, you'd want your spiritual family to be led by theological miscreants who contradict moral clarity, right?

You'd want to purge the Church of priests and episcopal leaders who teach the the tools for salvation, right?

Because doctors of the law are... bewitched.

This phenomenon reminds me of many years ago when my Mom brought home a cuckoo clock from Europe.

It was fun at first.

But it got to be annoying and eventually we stopped winding the cuckoo clock.

We're going to have to just wait it out. Every hour and half hour is going to be very painful.

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading the Cardinals latest book as soon as it's in English. This is probably why Francis is getting rid of him, just like Cardinal Burke. The book, The Power of Silence, pray to God I can be outside of Church!