Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Clinton Emails Reveal Unconstitutional Government Plots to Molest Catholic Church

Voris has citations from the emails HERE.

This violates the constitution.

Anyone and everyone who stays home on election day, votes for a person who has zero chance of winning, doesn't vote for Trump, has blood on their hands.

Longtime Clinton confidante discussed infiltrating the Catholic Church with progressive ideology to foment revolution

“We created Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good to organize for a moment like this. But I think it lacks the leadership to do so now. Likewise Catholics United. Podesta writes

It lacked leadership all right.

To head the organizations, they picked a pervert who was running a sophisticated prostitution ring pimping at-risk women and children in Ohio. (Eric McFadden) McFadden was running the prostitution ring while sending threatening perverted communications to conservative Catholics right from Ted Strickland's office. The assertion he was laid off because of budget cuts is farcical.

This is the kind of operation the democrats kicked off.

Like most Spring movements, I think this one will have to be bottom up,” Podesta writes

And that's exactly the reason why I've repeatedly said our roles to obstruct the efforts belong on the parish and diocesan level.

In some ways, I am sorry to say I remain sadly suspicious that Soros money and power influenced the election of Pope Francis. The Jack Connors/Pope Francis prancing about Cuba gushing over violent communist dictator Che and subsequent gaga for Obama statements made by the pope while claiming Trump wasn't Christian have a stink on them.

My suspicions aside, I accept the holy father's election as valid because I don't have any information to substantiate the cause of apostate circus during this papacy. And quite frankly, it doesn't matter to me because it can and never will change the validity of the Sacraments and our job is to ride out the storm and expose, expose, expose and obstruct, obstruct, obstruct. Every program, every attempt made on the parish and diocese level.

And what we have going for us is, the bishops are wimps and will cave to whoever puts the biggest and most embarassing fire under their backsides. At the end of the day they know the tide could turn at any minute in Rome and any public action to assist the lavender mafia running the Apostolic See under this papacy could come back to haunt their careers.

They also know Christ's promises. We do too. He's going to come back before they completely destroy His Church.

All we have to do is stand before Him saying we did everything we possibly could to keep them from robbing people of their salvation.

And that's what we're going to do.


Anonymous said...

Where is the Catholic outcry? Seriously, the Eve of October 13th - the devil is having a field day but SHE will CRUSH his head!

Michael Dowd said...

Hillary isn't going to have a problem with most Catholics on this as they already agree with her and so does our dear Pope. Look for an inquisition focused on orthodox Catholics supported by Pope Francis and executed by the government. Lord have mercy.

M. Prodigal said...

I agree that Killary will not have much problem with the majority of Catholics who have been dumbed down, uncatechised, and not challenged about the Truth for decades. Even now, 'good' bishops--the few of them that do speak up are not plain in their speech and writing. Some say it is okay not to vote. No. Not voting is a vote for Killary. TRUE Catholics are poised to pay a great price if Killary is elected. I have many east coast relatives who are all onboard for the party of death and that others need mental health care. They go along with abortion, sodomy, and all the other garbage being forced upon the country. Just this morning, praying at an abortion mill, teenage boys came to harass us. They had made a sign about how we 'hate gays' which not only we don't but it has nothing to do with being against abortion. But our young people are brainwashed and they will be heartless when it comes to persecuting those who do not agree with abortion, sodomy, and the whole list of popular evils.

Michael Dowd said...

The Catholic Church is powerless as regard sexual morality. They have zero credibility for the reasons we know. Perhaps this is why Pope Francis has thrown in the towel and is now condoning, in his roundabout way, various sorts of sexual perversions. A reckoning cannot be far away.. Lord have mercy.

Anonymous said...

Those of us who vote for a third party candidate like Darrel Castle, a man who does not brag about sexually assaulting women like a new version of Bill Clinton, will have blood on their hands? You think that's a Catholic position to take? Have you ever considered that if the majority of people stopped worrying about who "has a chance" and who is the best for the job, those third party candidates would have a chance?

breathnach said...

The compromised bishops are more interested in collecting their tens, if not hundreds of millions of federal dollars flowing into their coffers for "refugee settlement" and "refugee services". They have no interest in resisting the infiltration by the rabid Left,in fact, most likely welcome it.

TLM said...

You said it best......anyone who doesn't vote for Trump, votes some 3rd candidate, or writes someone in, or doesn't vote at all.............has BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS!!!!! And may God have MERCY on them if they vote for the daughter of Satan.

TTC said...


Of course if we pull together and support good candidates they could win.

We have the power to elect and keep out of office.

But the time for exercising that option is prior to nomination. It's too late now. Now, we have to use the power to keep Clinton out of office and the only way to do that is vote for trump.

The horse is out of the barn.

Anonymous said...

These oh so smart and trendy "college educated"
women who will vote for Hillary to climb the ladder - will find that Hillary WILL send more jobs to China and India and USA
women will find less and less jobs here. And I KNOW the few college jobs that will be left in America will go to these hoards of H1-B VISA people - and Hillary will bring in MORE of them to take our jobs. Women who vote for Hillary are fools who WILL BE UNEMPLOYED.
Hillary tells women they will get this and that - the only thing that will happen is unemployed American women.
The trendy young women will send in resumes for the fewer jobs here and will be put at the bottom of a pile of of HUNDREDS of resumes from H1-B immigrant WOMEN who are smarter, harder working, and far less foolish than dumb liberal women. That is real life now and worse under Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Some of us have been trying to tell other Catholics this for decades.

Nice to see now that those who laughed us to scorn are ready to pay attention. Better late than never.