Friday, October 14, 2016

The Counterfeit Church

A CRISIS article reminded me of Aquinas' brilliant description of people who come to Church week after week with unrepentant mortal sin on their soul:

Thomas Aquinas said that, while there is an infinite amount of grace in the sacraments, that does not mean that one receives an infinite amount of grace. The amount of grace one receives depends upon one’s preparation, disposition, attention, and thanksgiving. One essential disposition that should be present in both marriage and communion is openness, self-surrender.

Several decades of "Vatican 2" nutcase bishops and priests, a very small number of people who come to Church are actually receiving Sanctifying Grace, drawing the properties of Christ's Body and Blood, using Them to enlighten and guide their intellect and resist temptation.

At a time when the catastrophic consequences in our families and world seem insurmountable, we are further burdened by a pope who, on the one hand surrounds and beckons the uncatehized with heretics, and with the other encourages Holy Communion practices of Judas. And we all know where it led Judas.

This recent photograph and story of Pope Francis encouraging transgenderism left me sobbing.

I couldn't help thinking of the parents and loved ones who must have spent years trying to shepherd the woman back to right judgment and Sacramental Grace.

In two minutes, the holy father undermined and more importantly crippled the abilities and efficacy of parents and loved ones to nurture them with the tools of Sacramental Grace.

Just look at this horses ass statement:

The Pope spoke of an old retired priest who welcomed Neria and a young new pastor who was harsh. "When the new pastor would see him, he would shout to him from the sidewalk: 'You will go to Hell.'" Francis said. “But when he'd meet his old priest, he would say to him, 'How long has it been since you've confessed? Come on, confess so you can take Communion.'” (translation by the US Bishops’ Catholic News Service)

He, once again, took his sword and severed them from the family and Christ's Church.

Whatever work was done by parents and priests to keep this woman hanging onto the thread of salvation of the Sacraments - perhaps on her death bed - decapitated.

And the witness did not just affect this family but millions of others.

With discipline, I can bring myself to believe his intentions are not the destruction of the tools for salvation and he doesn't realize the harm he is doing. He is simply a first class moron planting seeds that the devil is watering and harvesting. The highest ranking moron in the army of "Vatican 2' prelates who have been at the destruction of the family for decades.

What is indisputable is, what we have before us is the erection of an edifice within Christ's Church that is built upon sappy feelings and devoid of Sacramental Grace. Aaron is building his golden calf and the uncatechized all around us are mesmerized. They are drinking the diabolical disorientation like there is no tomorrow.

The holy father's intentions are, of course, useless to us. The disordered men decapitating Christians are driven by their intentions to serve a 'god'.

What matters to us is the outcome of his actions.

Yesterday, on the 99th anniversary of Fatima, the Holy Father announced that teaching our children and family right from wrong actions when faced with temptation is 'venom'.

In the home, family, friends and community when your children and loved ones are facing temptation, the holy father said it isn't right to teach and use the tools Christ left us for salvation.

Christ's instructions to feed his sheep and convert all nations are not applicable to him and he does not want them to be applicable to mothers, fathers, grandparents, relatives, friends and Catholics in Christendom. The holy father continually exposes us to spiritually-disturbed edicts to stop teaching the people we love right judgment who are following the diabolical suggestions of the disordered prelates and ideas he is is shoving down their throats.

In charity, I assume the ad nauseum repetition of suggesting we cease and desist the apostolic vocation of the priesthood and baptismal promises in the family somehow make sense to him and those he's gathered around him.

A Christ who recruits Herod and Herodias as apostles while renouncing and banishing apostles teaching faithfulness to God and the tools for salvation.

A Christ who hops into bed in the public square for photo ops with the woman at the well and her long line of lovers.

I keep experiencing people I love being dragged into his rabbit hole. I remind God of His promises to preserve the faith. Telling Him we needed this burden like we need a hole in the head and to...well.... put a sock in it. Please just put a sock in it.

It is so frustrating to continuously encounter His Vicar serving up another plate of poison to my family and loved ones. And the fact that he is stacking the episcopal see for the election of his successor is putting the light at the end of the tunnel further and further away.


Jefe' said...

So, St. John the Baptist, who was always pronouncing "Repent!" was nothing but venomous actions of a nomad.. Got it!! Thanks Pope Frankie. Today you would have him labeled as a crazy zealot too. Do me a favor- when you go up and meet our risen Lord, talk to him about his mean language of telling a Cannonite woman that God's grace is not meant for dogs as well. I'm sure he would appreciate you showing Him the error of His ways.

Michael Dowd said...

Very good Carol. Pope "Permissive" Francis cuts the ground right from underneath us. How can we talk to our kids and grand kids about the Catholic religion and particularly the moral precepts without having it thrown back in our face with Pope Francis encouragement.

Not only that but his disobedient stance undermines all the family relationships. Like who am I to contradict the Pope, etc. God must do something about this. The number of souls being lost is huge. Let us pray for an intervention.