Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fr. Murray's Take on Papal Deceiving

Another essay from a faithful priest on the Holy Father's spiritual malfeasance and nonfeasance.

I suspect that these two women left their meeting (“They were pleased”) with the impression that Pope Francis thinks it is okay for them to pretend that one is a man, and that that they are in some way married.

I am certain that Pope Francis does not really believe that. It’s regrettable that his poor choice of words left that impression.

Good for Fr. Murray for speaking the truth.

That deceptive act affected much more than the two women. It affected thousands of spiritually-disturbed individuals and their families.

I keep trying to put what's happening to us into scriptural perspective and the most accurate seems to be Chapter 12 in the Book of Revelation.

A dragon standing before the woman with a tail that keeps grabbing and sweeping souls away from salvation.

That is what is happening to our families.

At the end of the day, nobody really cares whether the dragon meant to do it.

All that matters is, it did and it does.


MaryP said...

It wasn't a poor choice of words. It was a submission to the untruth that she is a he, a minor linguistic submission to a lie demanded of us by the tyrant. Sort of like a little pinch of incense to a false god.

Steven Cornett said...

I agree with the author; what Francis was thinking is irrelevant because we can't know what's in his head.

All were can know, and is enough to know. Is that what he said is dead wrong.

Kathleen1031 said...

He has entertained far too many disordered individuals for it to not make a great big huge glaring statement of it's own. The proof is right there if we have eyes to see.
He has also made many statements that make it clear where he stands on these issues, his most infamous and helpful to the LGBT crowd is the pinnacle, the "who am I to judge" statement, that will go down in history as the words that caused great reason for celebration in the homosexual community, and with good reason! These are the words historically used to beat Catholics over the head by implying that to critique behavior is to judge a person's soul, when the two are not comparable at all. We must judge behavior, we do it all the time. We cannot judge a person's soul nor where it is headed.
It is not a poor choice of words. We can no longer pretend he is anything other than what he presents.

Anonymous said...

ANYONE who thinks that Jorge Bergoglio is anything but a devotee of Lucifer/Satan, to his very core......dangerously naive.


TTC said...

Karl, Pope Francis is a lot of things. He is foolish, spiritually misleading uncatechized and dead into mortal sin while practicing the fit of absolving his own, etc., but he is NOT a devotee of Satan.

God Bless

Anonymous said...


I do not view him as you do. I know the Catholic Church. I wear its scars, every day.

My mind will not likely be changed. But, I agree with your freedom to having and expressing your own opinion and I appreciate that you feel the same.


TLM said...

Not sure what Pope Francis is. One thing I'm pretty sure of, he's not Catholic. He may think he is, but he's not teaching Catholicism. He may not be a devotee of Satan, but he's surely doing his bidding, whether he realizes it or not. I can tell you that Satan revels in the anti Catholicism that this Pope declares. That much is pretty obvious to anyone with eyes and ears.

TTC said...

TLM, that's a good way to put it.

We've talked a lot about the Holy Father's product and it's antithesis to Catholicism. I just don't detect anything in the man that is suspicious for an enemy of Christ.

There is something more complicated going on than good intentions.

Even if he was so dim witted to believe that encouraging adultery, sodomy and sacrilegious communion will lead people to God and salvation, when we tell him the results are in and those we had hangining onto resisting sin are now embracing sin thanks to what he's saying and doing and he's blowing families up with his sticks of dynamite, his arrogance and narcissism refuses to acknowledge and correct his errors. And he marches right out to pile more boulders on our backs.

Our intentions in serving God may have value on our day of judgment, but when we are teaching things that are leading people into temptation and sin, the product we are delivering is not God's.