Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Lord Comes to Rule the Earth with Justice.

Apologies for the little blogovacation! I had a hip replacement done a few weeks back and it has taken a few weeks to get back on my game. Having another in a few weeks and would appreciate prayers!

So glad to be feeling better and back to blogging. Missed you all and hope you are enjoying the magnificent outcome of our election. YUGE changes ahead! Like religious freedom and liberty from the savages now in political power.

Were the readings today spectacular or what?!!

A word to the wise to the corrupt Romans.

We've got you on our radar and the Lepanto that happened to Hillary is writing on the wall.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

We missed you! Prayers continue!

Anonymous said...

Second that, we missed you! Added to prayers!

Michael Dowd said...

Glad to have you back Carol with your comments, insight and good humor. And, yes the readings were great yesterday as we thank God for the Trump election. But, not so strangely, our priest at Mass didn't draw the parallel. God Bless you and your work.

Tom said...

Prayers to you on you recent and upcoming hip replacements. Based on my knowledge of relatives and friends who have had that procedures (one cousin had both hips replaced twice), you will get recovery but not much relief in the interim.

Here's something to console you besides "offering it up": What's the difference between a terrorist, a physical therapist and (in the case of the theme of The Tenth Crusade) a modernist liturgist? You can negotiate with a terrorist (as long he doesn't blow up himself and those around him) but not with a physical therapist or a modern liturgist (both of whom you wish would blow themselves up)!

susan said...

Hope you are well!....K & I were worried at the long absence. We need your spiritual muscle in the mother-of-all battles shaping up....all warriors on deck! Hope the next surgery is successful're in our prayers.