Saturday, October 15, 2016

Good Shepherd Fr. Z's latest rant...

I couldn't agree more with his main points that the Church is indestructible and indefectible.

And sure pope's come and go. Like the rest of us, the man is a gnat on the Corpus of Christ.

The damage the pope is doing now isn't to Truth or Christ - that's impossible. The damage he is doing is to people.

He is destroying and robbing salvation from the people we love.

That's what we are pissed off about.

And not just a little!

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Michael Dowd said...

"He is destroying and robbing salvation from the people we love."
and causing friction and hard feeling within families.

Most of my kids think Pope Francis is great because he is so loving and humble and charitable and the best Pope ever because he so forgiving and says that everybody is going to heaven and crap like that. And I more or less tell them he is the worst Pope in history and quite possibly possessed by the devil. It should be noted that, among the kids, the greatest admirers of the Pope are the one who no longer go to Mass. No wonder they like him. He gives away "get out of jail free" cards. The problem is they don't want to know why I think the Pope is bad. So they just terminate the conservation and say they don't want to talk about it.