Sunday, October 16, 2016

This heretical circus was almost too great a burden to bear.

Many have already said what needs to be said about this cockamamie event, but it was too important to ignore the deceptive circus at TTC.

This event was where the Holy Father tried to convince us that teaching the Catechism, right and wrong judgments to our children, the fiat of living every day in a state of Sanctifying Grace, not to follow false prophets, worship false Gods, join counterfeit 'churches' was "VENOM".

I commend the Pilot for finding a Catholic writer still willing to put lipstick on the pig under this pontificate. I thought George Weigel was the only dinosaur in the museum of extinct endemic perverted cultish practices.

Still, the lipsticked pig is shrouded in mystery.

Shaw writes:

At a time when sentimentality sometimes undermines ecumenical thinking, there are those who ask what difference doctrinal differences among Christians make -- isn't God pleased with all of us? The question deserves to be taken seriously, since a certain amount of doctrinal diversity on open questions is not only tolerable but, up to a point, desirable.

We're undermining Russ' 'ecuminical thinking'. Christ actually killed it in one sentence. God doesn't give what is holy to the dogs. And when we're outside of His Mystical Body, we are fulfilling that warning.

My tolerance for deceivers is getting pretty low.

I would love to know who, aside from the Holy Father and Russ Shaw, could ever think theologians teaching heresy to the people we love or leading them to abandon the Sacraments of salvation 'is desirable', wouldn't you?

The source of desiring the catastrophic outcome to all of us is certainly not God.


Jim Dorchak said...

Wonderful article.

Now what do we do to correct this problem?

Jim Dorchak
Chile South America

TTC said...

Thanks Jim, and a big hello from your brothers and sisters in the US!

Right now, he has mortally wounded the family. The only thing we can do is get to a parish with a priest who is faithfully teaching The fiat of living every day in a state of Grace and if and when anything rears its ugly head on the parish or school or diocesan level, speak out about what is wrong and get them to publicly reverse it. When they reverse it, this gives our children the witness of what is true and limits the scope of damage.

We also continue to teach others what to do and say when it happens to them. Social media is a great tool for that.

The Church is loaded to the rafters with priests and bishops who are narcissists and we will be unable to reverse everything. We have a bishop in the US who did not back a parent who fought sexually perverted sex Ed in a Catholic school. The damage is heartbreaking in these examples of treachery but that is why it is critical to be in a parish where the priest has his head screwed on straight. Parishioners and families that are well-catechized will give your own children the confidence that what you are teaching them is true and the bishop is wrong.

In a parish where you are upholding truth at home and constantly battling the priest, your children eventually come to the conclusion that what you are teaching at home is poorly understood by you and the priest or bishop is right. With a pope who is luring us heretics into debaucery, this is not the time in history to stay in a parish with a priest who is not teaching tools for salvation or practicing our religion himself.

God Bless!

Jim Dorchak said...

I do pray for you and my adult children who remain in the former USA.
Here in Chile we are in a desert like the Israelite in Egypt persecuted for our devotion to tradition and the Church. (I for one can not see the word Church with out TRADITION included).
We have the latest and greatest installments of Liberation Theology (which is an oxymoron) since they are not free and there is NO theology, at least Catholic, taught. So many people here have left what is left of the Catholic Church only to be swept up in the protestant allure or paganism. I think that it is very telling that the Bishops of the "c"atholic Church in the US and South America and elsewhere for that matter are not big fans of statistics. If we knew what they know I think they would be in jail.
This is especially true in South America where there was no rape of theological sensibilities for the most part until the V-2 wave of Protestantism took hold here. Now Catholic Churches are catholic churches. Just like any other meeting hall or community center you come upon.
There is ONE, 1, UNO, (1)- regular Latin Mass here in the whole country of Chile. That Mass is offered ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, wait for it,,,,,,,,,,,, at the one and only bastion of Catholic Identity on the planet,,,,, you guessed it the SSPX. These are men made of the cloth of Jesus who serve Christ first in everything they do!!
Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for the SSPX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now for me to attend Mass I need to load up the family, all dressed for Mass, bring some snacks and leave really late and then drive all night long 12 hours north to the cesspool of the city.
To me living in the city is like becoming protestant. Not going to happen.

In all fairness to our novos ordo priest and bishop; they are wonderful people who either do not know and are clueless (and do not want to know) or were poorly catechized. It is ok to deal with stupid, but dumb leaves us with no hope.

Mass is a wonderful affair with dancing leotards, electric guitars, drums and music written for brainless children. Many people go to church here to meet other people and have a good time. All in all it is very entertaining, but never "NUNCA" holy or contemplative, or prayerful or God centered. In no way could it be, or dare I say would it be considered "Catholic" or Pope forbid traditional. No it is just kindergarten like fun;)

So yes I remember driving a measly 2 or 3 hours to go to Mass in South Carolina. Later we had, at the indulgence of the local bishop and under the normal circumstances,wink, wink, the Latin Mass. Oh those were the days of joy full bliss where our children were raised as Catholics with all the trimmings.

Well world wide; looks like now we are being herded up for slaughter and loaded up on tractor trailers for the short trip to hell!

I am happy you can find a priest who is Catholic and I long for those days, but I will not stand (at least not for long) in the former USA. So my wife kids and I have started our own little ark and homestead here in Chile and we pray and say our rosary and cry at the shame that is what has become of our Catholic Church.
Jim Dorchak
Chile South America (In the real deep south)

TTC said...


Your description was painful to read. I am sorry. Thank you for the prayers and please know you'll have ours too!

We went through a dry stretch in the US about 20 years ago when we would have to drive an hour or two to get away from the foolishness and heresy but as the Pope John Paul II children started to be ordained and the hippies and gays died or retired, we are in much better shape. I fear this pope will set us back again.

Good times.