Monday, January 9, 2017

Cardinal Müller (oddly) claims Amoris Laetitia is crystal clear

Fr Z has the scoop.

A very strange interview in which he also says it doesn't pose a threat to the faith and he doesn't like the idea of asking the Pope what in God's Name he is talking about.

He's got to be pulling our leg.

Even if he doesn't have the backbone to publicly admit the process was hijacked and manipulated, the exhortation was intentionally muddled so the Holy Father could grant license to the beloved heresies he surrounded the circus with, it is simply not possible to take the position there is faithfulness and clarity in Amoris Laetitia.

The man is in charge of the CDF and therefore knows how the perverted instrument has been declared as changing in practice withholding reception of the Eucharist when the communicant is living a life of unrepentant adultery. 

The Holy Father was asked directly whether Amoris Laetitia changed practice and he said "yes and no", which is precisely what is happening.   Yes, some bishops changed practice and no, other bishops did not change practice. 

The document was intentionally written so that some bishops could say yes to change practice while others would continue to say no.   That was the the goal.  People who in good faith have produced something that is being misinterpreted , and those interpretations are being used to lead people into believing mortal sin is approved under some  circumstances would immediately correct those misinterpretations.  We would not have to beg him to do so and he would not respond to our petitions with silence and slander.

It stands to reason, not to mention common sense, that if the Holy Father's intentions were to uphold Church teaching and practice, the documents and practice were already endowed to the Deposit of Faith by 2000 years of theologians and Popes that preceded him.  That is what we were doing. 

Consequently, Pope Francis wouldn't need to call upon the heretics and organized a poop show calling for changes.

Pope Francis would not have expressed his support for Kasper's proposal, called it good theology and asked his see assembled at the Synod to digest virtuous sodomy and adultery as updated practices in the family.

The Holy Father would not have deliberately instructed rejected paragraphs 52, 53 and 55 be inserted in the Relatio.

The German Cardinals would not have revealed the Pope worked with them behind the scenes to bring about these changes to practice which they have already implemented.

Pope Francis would not have written his letter to Argentine Bishops praising their guidelines for implementing acceptance of sexually active unmarried couples to the Holy Eucharist and said there "could be no other interpretation" of his motives and intentions.

We would have missed out on the Holy Father's asshattery on every interview on a plane ride.

We would not have Pope Francis compendium of insults to Catholics who tried to teach their children the fiat of living every day in a state of Grace while living in a see of heretical priests who spent their vocations persuading them the Deposit of Faith is outdated and a false witness to the unconditional love of Christ.

I would not have had the pleasure of hearing a homily a few weeks back, telling us of the new paradigm shift, how free we are to commit sins without remorse or guilt and how the absolution of sin in the Sacrament of Confession is a thing of the past.

My family would not have come across a "Mr & Mr" picture frame being sold at a Catholic Shrine and hear one of my own children explain Pope Francis approves of gay marriage.

We all would have missed out on the venomous accusation that our outreach  to the Holy Father, to ask him to clarify the confusion HE is sowing, is received by him as diabolical.


We are now treated to the head of the CDF saying the Pope is doctrinally clear, there is no threat to salvation and he "doesn't like" efforts asking the Pope to undo the damage he is doing and confirm doctrine?

Dear Cardinal Muller:

What is his burden in this request?

Isn't this his job?

Do you expect us to believe that as head of the CDF, you are ignorant of the catastrophic confusion being sown by malformed Cardinals and priests and the damage it is doing to PEOPLE we love?

Forgive me, but I find that hard to believe.

This is the trial balloon for "pastoral edicts" that tell pastors the Deposit of Faith can be disconnected from every parish as they wish.   He is fracturing the Church into Congregationalism.   His hand-picked spokesperson for the Synod, Cardinal Kasper, said this was the beginning of the end of a Church as the arbiter of Truth.   They are decapitating the Head of Christ as the arbiter of Truth and replacing it with malformed consciences in a state of mortal sin.

Listen, you can all pretend you have no idea what we are talking about but I am here to remind you that we were safer when you were all pretending you couldn't see the pedophiles.

Stop lying to us.

Put a lid on it.

Get over yourselves and answer the dubia.

You are not in a contest with a handful of faithful Cardinals.  You have waged war against the hand that rocks the cradle. You are on the losing team because you do not have the truth on your side. 

Good day to you sirs!


Michael Dowd said...

Clarity may come after a divine intervention which is way overdue. Our Lady of Fatima has waited long enough. Her son will no longer tolerate the disobedience of the Popes since Vatican II. Let us await the denouement with prayer and penance.

Tom said...

Cardinal Muller’s motive?

From: "Vatican doctrine chief criticizes four Cardinals: Pope shouldn’t be ‘forced to answer with yes or no’" by Jan Bentz and Pete Baklinski, January 9, 2017, LifeSiteNews

Amid recent news that Pope Francis ordered Cardinal Müller, against the cardinal’s objections, to dismiss three priests from his office, some speculate that the Pope could be planning a thorough overhaul of the Congregation similar to the one he recently carried out at the Congregation for Divine Worship headed by Cardinal Robert Sarah. Some are asking whether Cardinal Müller may in fact be trying to avoid the kind of “silencing” that Cardinal Sarah has faced.

DJR said...

These modern day prelates are prime examples of muddled heads.

It always brings me back to the words Our Lord spoke to the Breton stigmatist
Marie-Julie Jahenny: "Expect nothing good from men below."

If we don't expect anything good from them, we're not surprised when we get nothing good from them.

Indeed, we're getting precious little good from a huge portion of them.

Patty said...

...AL is perfectly clear. It clearly deviates from the teaching of Christ and the perennial teaching of he Church.

Anonymous said...

Amen Michael but we must keep watch. God won't tolerate His Church being torn apart or His Mother ignored much longer. Too many souls are falling faster than snowflakes Into hell because of the "clear as Mudd" teachings of this Pope and the silence of Hos Clergy.
Pray, do Penance and Keep Watch, the devil is everywhere! Use the Sacramentals we have been given. And don't keep silent when errors are preached, sometimes it makes a difference.

TLM said...

Something is kind of 'fishy' here, I do believe. Cdl. Muller seemed to be on board with the 4 Cdl.'s Dubia at the beginning, but since the Pope asked him to let 3 of his 'Good' Priests go, with the Pope giving him no explanation of why, except for the fact that 'he is the POPE for cryin out loud and he can dump who he wants to dump with NO EXPLANATION', and suddenly Muller has changed his mind about the Dubia. Hmmm..... something is rotten in Denmark, but this is the Vatican we're talking about so yes indeed.......something is rotten all right!!

Anonymous said...

These men care nothing about the victims of divorce. They are perp. advocates.

They disgust me.


Anonymous said...

I sometimes feel the urge to open the Bible at random, I try not to do it often but sometimes I do feel an urge to do it, as if it were calling me.

A while ago I felt it and opened it, and I read:

“Announce and proclaim among the nations,
lift up a banner and proclaim it;
keep nothing back, but say,
‘Babylon will be captured;
Bel will be put to shame,
Marduk filled with terror.
Her images will be put to shame
and her idols filled with terror."

Michael Dowd said...

Hopeful sounding bible verse Anonymous considering the goings-on in the Vatican.

TLM said...

1Peter5 has an interesting take on the POSSIBLE situation with Cdl. Muller. Something I had not thought of. In a way it's a tad 'far out' but interesting food for thought none the less. With the 'climate of fear' some in the Vatican have talked about (the EXACT term they have been using) it's a POSSIBILITY.