Friday, February 3, 2017

Pope says people who avoid violating some of the Commandments are cowards.

This incoherent rant is the worst yet:

– In another in a long stream of apparent attacks on his critics, Pope Francis gave a homily last week accusing Christians who avoid taking risks out of concern for the Ten Commandments as suffering from “cowardliness,” warning that such people become “paralyzed” and unable to “go forward.”

“‘Not taking risks, please, no... prudence...Obeying all the commandments, all of them...,'” the pope said, characterizing the thinking of such Christians. “Yes, it’s true, but this paralyzes you too, it makes you forget so many graces received, it takes away memory, it takes away hope, because it doesn’t allow you to go forward.”

Yeah, there is nothing like obeying all the commandments that robs one of the "hope" of moving forward with commiting sin.  

I've got such a nasty case of paralysis and amnesia, I don't ever remember learning about "the many graces that come with the seven deadly sins.

Here's where the Pope's thoughts really twist themselves into a pretzel:

...souls” who suffer from the sin of “cowardice,” the pope added. “And the presen[ce] of a Christian, of such a Christian, is like when one goes along the street and an unexpected rain comes, and the garment is not so good and the fabric shrinks...Confined souls...This is cowardliness: this is the sin against memory, courage, patience, and hope.”

Again, I just want to remind you this is a Pope saying people who don't break commandments are cowards who sin against memory, courage, patience and hope.

Forget about the theological madness, these thoughts do not gel enough to form any kind of rational thesis.  A pagan could not make sense out of it.

I've said this before, but this is a clearer example that the Pope seems to be ignorant of how the Properties of Divinity work when a soul is in a state of Sanctifying Grace.   He keeps inventing sinister conspiracy theories about where and why we draw the strength to prevent us from violating commandments.   And much more importantly, he sees the prevention of falling to temptation as something nefarious.

This situation is out to lunch as it gets.

The elevator is not going all the way to the top.

Both oars are not in the water.

The wheel is turning but the hamster is dead.


Anonymous said...

I'm going out on a limb here, this Pope needs to be committed.
Now, isn't that brave of me? Probably committed a sin by saying that. I wonder what the Priest will tell me in Confession tomorrow
When I confess I spoke badly about the Pope.

TTC said...

Listen, I'm going to tell you something right now.

If the Pooe came out to saythe Angelus wearing nothing but his underpants on his head, the people who say something isn't right in the head are not committing sins.

Anonymous said...

Someone blew his pilot light out,he's playing with a warped puck.

TLM said...

There definitely IS something wrong with him. I think we have all KNOWN this for some time. Just what the problem is is anyone's guess, but obviously he is in need of help. What I cannot understand is that no one surrounding him is helping him. He is completely 'on the loose' saying and doing atrocious and irrational things that are as anti Catholic and even anti Christian as it gets. Even Protestants have to be flabbergasted at his irrational Christianity. "Rome we have a problem.".......and, I think at least the people of Rome now realize this because just this morning I read that the people of Rome woke up to the city plastered with posters admonishing the Pope which hasn't happened in hundreds of years. The people of Rome are beginning to revolt against the blatant insane anti Catholicism that he spits out daily.....and no one around him does one thing to stop it.......UNBELIEVABLE! That all said, we really need to pray for him intensely. If any of you are praying the novena to Our Lady of Lourdes, PLEASE INCLUDE HIM!

Anonymous said...

All kidding aside, this is the "New Springtime" !

Anonymous said...

Is it a sin to wonder if there really *is* something wrong with the Holy Father's mind?

"Yes, it’s true, but this paralyzes you too, it makes you forget so many graces received, it takes away memory, it takes away hope, because it doesn’t allow you to go forward.”

Seems to me that in a day when there is a *lack* of Catholics in line to confession, but the line to Holy Communion is always packed with souls "going forward" to receive, we do *not* have too many Catholics paralyzed by focusing on the Ten Commandments. (rarely does our priest hear more than three confessions on a given Saturday afternoon)

Keeping the commandments - you know, the ones Jesus Himself told the rich young man (and many others) to follow - "doesn't allow you to go forward"?

What does this mean? "Go forward" to... where, exactly? If one fails to keep the commandments would that not mean one is "going forward"... um, south? You know, where it is really-really HOT? (not talking about Central America)

Catechist Kev

Anonymous said...

Something wrong with his mind, perhaps, or just possessed, why do people think it doesn't happen or is rare? It USED TO BE rare, it's not rare nowadays. Why does nobody have the courage to throw him out? Is it going to take Rome burning and this maniac escaping in the dead of night to Argentina? Or can we just wake up now and depose him, send him packing?

Ann Hessenius said...

Today's Quiet Moment

Sunday, February 5

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time; Memorial of St. Agatha

Just take everything exactly as it is, put it in God’s hands, and leave it with him. Then you will be able to rest in him — really rest.

St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

Dymphna said...

Someday, maybe after it's too late somebody is going to stand up and say the emperor has no clothes. It's being whispered and right now only the bold are saying it among ourselves but eventually a saint, a cardinal, an altar boy, an influential layperson will say on camera in public that something is wrong with the pope.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

In the context of Carol's post and the problems she points out, this quote from St Elizabeth Stein is not good advice if it's meant to convey that we not take action against the error.

TLM said...

Anonymous @9:17PM.........You've said what has run through my mind a million times. I've often wondered if the kind of 'malady' that he may be suffering is a 'brain chemistry' one or a 'diabolic' one. The symptoms are usually very close in nature, and the reason the Church must rule out mental illness before declaring someone possessed. Seriously, with the smoke of Satan that has by now, completely permeated the Vatican, it's a legitimate question. It's hard to argue the fact that Satan is alive and well in the Vatican at this juncture.

TLM said...

And now.............he's DOUBLING DOWN on the 'don't worry about following the Commandments thingy'. This morning at Mass in his homily, he URGED the faithful: "not to HIDE in the RIGIDITY of the Commandments." Pope Francis: The gift that keeps on giving! When he is faced with opposition, he doubles and sometimes TRIPLES down!

Aged parent said...

The man is stark, staring mad.

M. Prodigal said...

Sounds like something Screwtape would say.

David Sharples said...

Dear Pope Francis, married couples who use contraception are cowards. I believe you've just said the opposite, to the glee of the World. To oppose the World would not be the act of a coward. Sadly, I'm just not seeing that from you Father, not seeing it.