Sunday, March 26, 2017

Fr Frank the widower priest, what in Sam Hill is going on here?

The Boston Globe calls this "a story of bedrock faith and a priestly calling".

Frank Daly took his first oath of fidelity as a priest when he was 25.  While he was a priest, he had an affair with an ex nun.  He sought permission to leave the priesthood and was declined.   While still a priest, he married the nun "in a civil ceremony",  incurring a sentence of latae sententiae.    The first oath of fidelity was so meaningless to him, he not only had an affair, he chose a perpetual state of mortal sin and incurring a sentence of excommunication over it. 

Can anyone tell me how a person with this kind of sexual history as a priest,  such reckless disregard for his oath and Sacraments, his own salvation and the salvation of a woman he claims to love, pass psychological and spiritual testing that is supposed to be in place for entry into the priesthood?

What is going on?

I know several priests who had consensual sexual relationships with a woman and Cardinal Sean removed them from the priesthood.

They were accused of a form of sexual abuse and abuse of power. They were caricatured as sexual predators and tossed into the street.

I was personally appalled at the time and had hoped the priests would be sent for spiritual renewal and carefully mentored upon re-entry. But Cardinal Sean would not budge from his conviction they were irredeemable sexual predators.

Suddenly, priests having sex with women is not an impediment to restoration of faculties?

I doubt priests who were removed by Cardinal Sean for the same conduct will be offered restoration.

Why would Cardinal Sean contradict his own caricature of having sex with a woman while a priest, administer a second oath of fidelity and rush him through the seminary?

I suspect this case was canonically sanitized to make newspaper headlines about married priests.

A word to the wise in the Chancery: I'd keep those seahags swooning over him in the pictures with the story at arms length.


Anonymous said...

Not strange at all.
1) By having a sexual relationship with a woman, it is assumed that he is not homosexual/child molester.
2) The clerical state of Catholic Church is so desperate for bodies, that they will ordain anything with a pulse.
3) The days of St. Thomas Aquinas/St. Dominic greatness, in the priesthood, are only a dim memory.

Lynne said...

From the anonymous poster:
"The clerical state of Catholic Church is so desperate for bodies, that they will ordain anything with a pulse."

I thought the Boston seminary, actually seminaries were full and doing well?

Roland said...

Mary, Our Lady Of Fatima, please pray for us.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, wake up and smell the coffee.

Fr. Frank failed miserably his first time around in the priesthood. It is insane to give him a second chance after he rejected his ordination and married civilly, without permission.

My guess is that he'll cause scandal again if readmitted to the priestly ministry.

Anonymous said...

Sixlittlerabbits - he's already back! This IS the sneaky way of getting people to accept married priests. He felt a force? He felt a force? Ya it's called the devil! To put yourself and others on the road to hell is not love it's evil on so many levels!

Kd said...

PROPAGANDA plain and simple, just to promote married Priests!

Serlio78 said...

Consexual sex with a woman is apparently irredeemable in most cases while pederasty and pedophilia are mere hiccups in the road of ministry, so signs so many of our scarlett prelates.

robert Levine said...

Hold your breath. Hiccups gone?Now take a deep breath and tell us what YOUR problem is. We all know that none of the above sins are irredeemable. No sin is.

TTC said...

Robert, put your glass of Dewers down. Get your glasses. If you read the paragraph to which you refer again, you will discover it is speaking about Cardinal O'Malley's conviction that a priest who has an affair with a woman has their faculties removed and can never return to active duty as a priest.

It is speaking about the vocation as irredeemable. Not matters of the soul.

Anonymous said...


I was attacked, defamated, persecuted and banned from many parishes for saying out loud that the vicar was "married" and having children with a woman from the choir.

He didn't leave the priesthood and the community actually covered him, lied for him and encouraged his ministry under the pretext of "lack of priests".

After communicating all this to the bishop and receiving no answer, I went directly and faced him, the bishop said "he's an excellent priest"....see?

A priest that seduced several women before choosing one and "marrying" her, is having children with her, has his opposition silenced and hurt in all possible ways, and lies when confronted, for this bishop (an many in the community) is an excelent priest.

Conclusion: they are not people of God, they are worldy, children of Satan and they are sinking the Church fast.