Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Pope's theological henchmen suggest married priests and seahag run parishes is the fix for their grand larceny of Sanctifying Grace.

I find the timing of this very suspicious

Before Fr Frank has time to do his dirty laundry after Mass, Cardinal
Marx sends up the Pope Francis trial balloon.

Now, Vatican
moles are saying the Holy Father will
author an apostolic exhortation directing the priesthood toward married priests.

If the man only knew the power of a celibate fast, he would not be so eager to flush it down the toilet.

Or maybe he does and he is. I don't know anymore. All I know is it stinks to the high heavens.


philipjohnson said...

The whole Vatican 11 apparatus stinks to high Heaven!

Michael Dowd said...

All of this makes great sense coming from Pope Francis. He is out to make the Catholic Church fully compatible with Protestantism. Women deacons and priests not far behind. And transsexuals probably part of the long range plan. Is anything sacred any more? No. Lord have Mercy.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the reason for only 1 seminarian is the state of the church in Germany where it's even worse then here, if that can be. It certainly isn't because priests must be celebete. Interesting times we're living in, the times the saints envied. Pray, pray, pray !

Anonymous said...

Just a thought - When hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, someone said the prot preachers packed up their families and left. The Catholic priests stayed for their flocks.
And nothing P. Francis does surprises me anymore.

Connecticut Catholic Corner said...

Our current pope seems determined to harm the Church in one way after another, after another. He's a walking, talking disaster that leaves a trail of destruction, chaos and confusion in his wake.
God save us from the pope!