Sunday, April 16, 2017

A real trip to Dante's Inferno

When I realized Pope Francis was trying to resuscitate the counterfeit church, I amused myself by wondering whether the salty seahags would try to resurrect 'liturgical dance'.

And sure enough, here's an article revealing they are getting their Stevie Nicks outfits out of the mothballs.

I had a flashback about a local Boston priest who used to dance in the sanctuary wearing leotards.

Any local readers remember him?

Fr. VerEecke:
I just did a dance piece called "Melodrama." I dance it with another dancer, who's Jesus, and I'm a priest. And the first part is my commentary on going to the Gibson "Passion" and looking away most of the time, and trying to figure out why. Then I segue into other images of Jesus we need to see, for example a comic Jesus. Jesus and I go into a duet to "Make 'Em Laugh" from "Singin' in the Rain," doing all this kind of Three Stooges movement, slipping on banana peels, walking into walls. I bring this up because someone who is Catholic and who heard about the piece was very upset, even hearing that I would do something that could possibly be offensive to Catholic sensibilities, whatever that means.

I bet you didn't realize that the Priestly Fraternity of The Three Stooges began in Boston!

Love this day when Jesus conquers the grave.

Prayers for God's blessings upon each you!

Have a magnificent day celebrating Christ's witness to faithfulness and obedience to God.


Michael Dowd said...

Happy Easter Carol. He arose for a reason and that reason is us.

Keep up your good work.

Anonymous said...

More like the Arkham Asylum from the Batman story and movies. Liturgical dance is a form of narcissistic exhibitionism.

Then there is the story at a Jesuit college of the female (head) chaplain who, when it came time to distribute Communion at Mass, took the bread-basket (not ciborium) with Communion and did a little dance in the sanctuary before distributing Communion. It reminds me of the song, "He Danced with Me" from "The Slipper and the Rose," a movie version of the Cinderella story:

Mary H said...

Wasn't Fr. VerEecke on the faculty of Boston College? Or am I mixing him up with another dancing priest?

TLM said...

A most Blessed and Joyous Easter to you and yours Carol!! May the Resurrected Lord fill you ALL with his peace, joy and LOVE!

Anonymous said...

I do not usually post comments but I thought to today since Carol and I have something in common. I was a student at Sacred Heart and remember those days as the happiest days of my life. Thanks to you Carol,I see I was wise to start the first Catholic homeschooling support group in NJ, rather than moving back for the sake of my children and that once wonderful bastion of Catholicism.
Last time I posted on a "Catholic"blog,my Faith was put in question by one of the moderators.
I am here with a warning. Few Catholic blog sites and even authors share the same Faith.
Wat too many belong to money making Vatican approved groups that have much to really do with the Faith some of us old timers believe and were taught.Maciel and his Legion /RC are one example, but the mother of all chameleons is all over the place posing as traditional catholicism ( note lower case "c"). One blog host accused me of having "inside knowledge on the problems within the church." Well in all humility, yes I do.
recently I was asked how it is a catholic convert and his pal could give away all those free books on Easter in churches from PA to VA.Readers found a slight twist in their pages.
Or how it is that a popular militant station got off the ground to rake in the cash?
but wose agenda is it anyway? Certainly not the Catholic Cardinal they always push who himself as a Bishop in Wisconsin allowed a transexual to start a women's religious order?