Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Banished by Uncle Screwtape

I think Uncle Screwtape may be taking things a bit too far?

Putting Church teaching into practice will have us all banished from Rome.

Is this meant to be a threat?

It's true some with recoil in fear, but the majority of Catholics who managed to preserve the faith through five decades of priests trying to sell us the counterfeit church, this will only make us more determined to expose the Roman's corruption.

What I love most about the letter is its ending, 'extending wishes for a Happy Easter'.

As they throw us out of the temple, they tell us to stay warm and well fed.

What phonies they are!


TLM said...

ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!!! Their 'mafia style' governance in Rome only emboldens the faithful. Actually, they're doing us a favor as we are going to be one fierce and ferocious group to deal with, but I think they are arrogant enough to not even realize this........ALL THE BETTER!!!!

Kathleen1031 said...

It is shameful, although helpful, how obvious he is. Subtlety is not something he feels he must use, he's feeling the mojo, and why not, he's got lots of friends.
What will the Lord say about using the precepts of a vocation for cheap political and monetary gain. Hm.

Anonymous said...

So much for "All are Welcome". Hmph

Anonymous said...

What BS! Pope Francis believes we don't have to obey the Commandments, but his appointee asks for the former Grand Master's "obedience" to an obviously political and unjust "request." Such arrogance is unbelievable and, providentially, transparent.

TLM said...

Yes indeed sixlittlerabbits, such arrogance coming from the 'humblest Pope evah'.