Saturday, April 8, 2017

Loving how the pope uses apostates to announce his next doctrinal perversion.

"The Pope wants to leave the decision to episcopal conferences," said the German cardinal. They can "approach him and make a request," he added, and "if this request is reasonable, I have the impression that he will respond positively to it . " "Now it depends on episcopal conferences," he explained .

and this:

On whether Marx will make a proposal to the Pope to order the viri probati , Kasper said that the archbishop of Munich and Freising "needs no" impetus. " He wants things to move forward, but he can not intervene in every local church [diocese]," he added, "it has to be decided locally; Here we must differentiate. "

These rogue Cardinals announce every planned perversion long before it happens. They're not afraid to publicly share that the pope has informed them of every detail.

I don't mean to be morbid, but the chaos of the breaking down of the Church is manifesting itself at an alarming rate.

Fr. Z's summary of the first year anniversary of AL is spot-on:

Unity is breaking down.  Bishops conferences now have differing policies, as do bishops of dioceses.  You can now step across invisible, arbitrary borders and find yourself in a place with a different approach to Communion for the divorced and civilly remarried (adulterers) who have no true purpose of amendment.
The implications for doctrine, and the practice which flows from doctrine, are manifold and potentially devastating...

As I have written before, the ever-broadening controversies sparked by Amoris laetitia will lead more conservative and traditionally (i.e., faithful) clergy to continue to do what they do in keeping with the Church’s clear teaching in unambiguous documents and will lead more liberal and progressivist clergy to continue to disobey the Church’s laws and teachings with impunity.

Canon 212, Pewsitter and Catholic blogosphere are filled with examples of the unfaithfulness the Holy Father has foisted upon the people we love. Good times ahead.

I'm so grateful for the internet where we can connect with faithful Catholics lay people and priests. To say nothing of its ability to publish posts that are read at the highest levels of the Vatican.

And sooo glad we are heading into Holy Week. Your intentions will be in my prayers. We have plenty to pray for!


Michael Dowd said...

Keep up your good work Carol. In is those such as you for which the Church is in great need.

TTC said...

Thank you Michael!

Your comments, support and encouragement are very appreciated to all who do this work!