Sunday, April 2, 2017

Why Not Hugh Heffner?

1P5 is reporting that the pope has engaged a proponent of living in a habitual state of mortal sin to author his Good Friday meditations.

I won't bore you with details of this poor woman's gross misunderstanding of Christ and Scripture as 1P5 does a decent job explaining it.   Suffice it to say, as the woman's theology is heretical and catastrophic to our people, I'm hard pressed to find reasons why the Holy Father believes giving her ideas credibility and opportunities to spread error is service to Christ.  

I'm beginning to wonder if there is anything stopping the guy from hiring Hugh Heffner to teach moral theology.

Because the Holy Father's use of heretics to reset the moral compasses of Christ's people is so constant, I keep fighting the urge to see it as manipulating and devious.   But I'm out of excuses.

Could he not give his incessant harping of legitimizing fornication to our families a cease fire on our holiest day of the year?  

We have to anticipate the press lined up on the streets  to watch  theological mockery of Good Friday?


Roland said...

The pope is making good on what he said that he wanted in essence to turn upside the church with its narrow mind and limiting rules. It makes perfect sense to do everything in his power, especially in public events, to try and obtain that goal.

After all - we are all Christians - right? Lets have not a Holy Mass, but a gathering where Catholics, protestants and anyone else can all go to commune. So what if someone is in mortal sin and receives Holy Communion. We are sinners; we are all going to heaven anyway. So what's the big deal. You people are making such a fuss over this. Where's your mercy?

Our Catholic faith is in so much trouble. Mary, Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us. Lord Jesus, help me to love the rosary and say it with joy knowing that our prayers are answered. Amen

Anonymous said...

Bergoglio is simply and purely evil.

I wish that I knew him personally so I could tell him off in person.

That God has allowed this for so long, leads me to question both
the existance of God or the goodness of such a God, if I accept

If I knew God personally, I would tell him off in person.