Saturday, April 1, 2017

The National Catholic Reporter Claims Pope Francis Will Officially Contradict Infallible Church Teaching on Ordination

Fr. Z reports and comments on these allegations.

I again will go on the record to say from what I have observed of Pope Francis, he does not have the chutzpah to formally take a heretical action.  

His style is to position heretics and give them authority to teach heresy and then act like he has nothing to do with the outcome.  

This is not the modus operandi of a man who would say women could be ordained as deacons when he knows that such an ordination would be a simulation of a sacrament and invalid.     Like 'consecrating' a pizza, though a priest or bishop could go through the motions, it doesn't happen, because you are not doing what the Church intends.

The see of Cardinals is replete with weak wimps, but there is a line in the sand and simulating the sacrament of ordination is over it.  IMO, that would bring a swift ugly end to this papacy - and I believe the Holy Father knows it.

Here was my favorite line in the story:

There are many people, mainly men,” she said, “clerics of the Roman Curia of course, who are set firmly against this determination of the Pope to bring the church forward into the light of equality of all genders.” She continued, “It is good news, but they will try to block it.”

IMHO, the magnitude of that understatement would violently shake the Chair of Peter.

UPDATE:  This was an April Fool's joke from Fr. Z!  He got me!   

Still...given the situation we are doesn't hurt to send a flare across the pond. 


Anonymous said...

That was Fr. Z's April-fool's joke. The story was not on the National un-Catholic Reporter's website nor on any other similar websites. There is no Prof. Petra Henkys-Asmussen or University of Immenstedt.

TTC said...

HaHa! He got me! Too close to truth. LMBO

Just the same, it probably doesn't hurt to send a few warning flares across their bows.

Don't even think about it boys!

Anonymous said...

Another piece of "fake news" that could have been taken seriously if it were not published on April Fools Day:

Archbishop Paglia “Outs” Himself. Will Francis Act?

APR 1, 2017
Posted by Mundabor

When, yesterday, the news broke that Archbishop Paglia has officially “outed” himself as a homo, no one was really surprised. Like “Tucho” Fernandez and James Martin, Archbishop Paglia reeks of sexual perversion like Francis reeks of heresy. Paglia is also behind the clearly “homoerotic” church painting he himself commissioned; a work from a fag painter who found the way to introduce, with Paglia’s consent, several obvious references to homosexuality. In addition (and I quote):

"Under the supervision of Paglia, [the fag artist] painted the bishop himself in one of the 'erotic' nets, semi-nude and clutching a bearded man wearing nothing but a loose loincloth."

The Archbishop’s announcement is therefore no news for everyone who has eyes to see and a brain to think, and is not trying to die of Extreme Pollyanning.

However, the sudden announcement of the Archbishop that not only he is a homo, but in a relationship with a cook of the papal kitchen makes the situation even more scandalous – I would say, with Sir Humphrey, scandalous in an “officially official” way -.

Priests are not allowed to be homos. Much less are they allowed to be practicing sodomites. What is Francis going to do now?

Is He going to simply ignore the scandal like he has been ignoring his living under the very roof administered by Monsignor Ricca?

Knowing Francis, I will not hold my breath. But if Francis does not act soon this will be another unprecedented step in the continuing decay of the Church under the reign of the Evil Clown.