Saturday, June 24, 2017

Bedraggled Butch Bitties on the Bus

Fun reading for a Saturday morning.

The bus riders really have no other mission than to repeatedly drive forward and backward over the teachings of the Church.  If they truly had a mission to help the “marginalized,” they would actually do something more than speaking engagements.

Salty SeaHag Simone explains she became a nun because her parents wouldn't let her go to Woodstock.

They've spent their whole life trying to reinvent those three days of sex, drugs and Janis Joplin in Woodstock.

This really hits the mark:

I’m quite offended on behalf of the nuns of the world that she’s calling herself a nun.  She is not a nun.  Nuns live a cloistered life of prayer, contemplation, and devotion to the Sacraments 24/7.  They have removed themselves from society to pray for us and to pray for the Church. 

They're shysters. Frauds. Butch pickpockets stealing and robbing the uncatechized. When I look at them, I'm instantly reminded of the millions they've marched into hell. They are more dangerous to the Church than the pedophiles.

We probably have a good ten years before they're all dead and the younger generation of holy faithful nuns replaces them. I hope I live to see it!

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