Saturday, June 24, 2017

Bishop Paprocki's Norms on Same Sex Marriage

I wanted to remind readers to pray for Bishop Paprocki and if possible, kindly remember him in your intentions at the Holy Sacrifice. As I'm sure many of you already know,  Bishop Paprocki issued norms on same-sex marriage and has been under attack by homosexual heterodox groups.

Predictably New Ways Ministry attacked Paprocki’s norms using equally predictable language and arguments and by hosting a combox replete with personal attacks on the bishop. All of this is sad, but none of it is newsworthy. Worth underscoring, though, is the glibness with which Robert Shine, an editor at New Ways, attempts to school Paprocki, of all people, on canon law, of all things.

It's very interesting that Pope Francis has resuscitated the apostasy of dead as a doornail New Ways Ministry.

We've got a lot, a lot, a lot of fasting and praying to do. A lot.

Addendum: Tony Esolen beautifully responds to Pope Francis communication attack pussy cat Rev. James Martin.

Tony Esolen: Very simple. The public nature of the sin gives what is called "scandal," that is, it puts a stumbling-stone between the ordinary believer and the truth, by suggesting that the Church does not really believe what she professes to believe in that serious matter.

If you go up to Communion, unless you are a public figure like a congressman who has voted to keep abortion legal, nobody knows what your inner thoughts are, and you cannot therefore scandalize your neighbor; you will receive Communion to your condemnation if you receive it unworthily, but that is not a public matter. If a man and woman go up to Communion and they have been guilty of fornication, again, unless they are public figures, nobody necessarily knows that, because they could be married, or they could be courting and not fornicating. If, however, they live in a small town and everybody knows they are shacking up, then they would give scandal if they went to Communion.

But there is no way to hide the gay mock-marriage thing ....


Anonymous said...

Can't get the first link. Says it doesn't exsist🙄

TTC said...

thank you! link fixed!!

Michael Dowd said...

All "new ways" in the Catholic Church are sinful ways. There are no new truths, contrary to what Pope Francis and his followers would like to believe. Christ said it all. Shut-up, obey and be very thankful.