Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Holy See (and everyone underneath them) Would Not Grant Audiences to People Who Wanted to Talk about the Raping of Children's Bodies..

So why would we ever expect them to grant audiences to people who want to talk about the rape of children's souls?
Let us not mince words: Cardinal Caffarra is protesting, however politely, an attack upon the Church by the Pope himself, who remains silent, and is evidently pleased, as the incalculable damage he is causing spreads from diocese to diocese and nation to nation.

And yet, in the face of this outrage, absolutely unparalleled in the history of the papacy, Cardinal Caffarra concludes his letter, not with a justified demand for rectification of the scandal, but rather by pleading that “our conscience impels us to humbly and respectfully request an Audience.”

I don't know. I don't think the answer as to why the Holy Father is obstructing fixing the problem is all that complicated. They've waited decades to do what they did on parish and diocescan level on the level of the Chair of Peter. He doesn't want to formally hear the damage he's doing. They never do.


M. Prodigal said...

Pope cannot clarify because he cannot officially declare heresy. Perhaps unofficially or through others or by silence but not 'officially'.

TLM said...

Spot on M. Prodigal! He is fixated on changing the Church of Christ into this pagan false Church. If he gives them an audience, he has to either declare heresy and leave the Papacy or betray himself and his cohorts by declaring true doctrine. In other words, he is between a rock and a hard place. Meanwhile the charade continues while the true Church BURNS.

Kathleen1031 said...

We have to sit and watch while our Cardinals "are patient". My patience ran out some time ago. He cannot answer the dubia, because the only answer is "yes, I'm a heretic and I am out to destroy the faith". Of course he will not say that, so we're going to get nothing from him, and neither are the Cardinals.

They know that. There is no way they don't know that. These men are experienced and savvy, they are not babes, they are not children.

There is no reason to delay. Every day that goes by means more souls are being lost and our Church falls further into ruin. Personally I do not think they will ever get around to a public formal correction. I just don't. I hope I'm wrong.

Now where's my fiddle...

Anonymous said...

Jorge Bergoglio is scum. He cares nothing about our children or their children. He is an abusive thug, like the mobsters he likes to criticize. He encourages the destruction of families and infidelity.

He should be deposed, however it can be done.


TTC said...


Your comparison of Pope Francis to the Mafia is an interesting one. I've always said the mafia, who kills and destroys flesh, is far less dangerous than ordained men who kills and destroys immortal souls with mortal sin.

Michael Dowd said...

When it's all over the remnant of Catholicism will be very tiny and persecuted. I think we have that on good authority including Christ Himself.

Matthew 24:24 (ASV) For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.