Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Paglia Blows with Prevaling Wind

So this is interesting - Paglia rushed into the public square to cast himself as a stalwart defender of life.

I have intervened on several occasions," he continues, "it is clear that, nobody is  so deaf as those who do not want to hear. Life must always be defended, loved, surrounded by affection and not just focus on technical aspects. Life should never be humiliated nor shortened. Life must always be accompanied, lovingly, within that therapeutic alliance that must never brake apart between doctors, those who are sick, their family and friends too. It’s not a good thing to entrust courts to decisions regarding complex situations before which we face the mystery of death. I was horrified in hearing that it was a court to decide, I was horrified in hearing that a person was given some “extra time”. Are we insane? Life must be accompanied and loved, the responsibility of the decision must be taken at the "collegiate" level. "

Definitely insane.

Boy, that is quite a turn around. There must have been quite a Roman row over his prolife fubar.

He goes on to say that all he was trying to do was to be careful deep truth was verified and not leave Charlie's parents alone. He was helping them.

He said he didn't have the 'details' when he made his declaration, all he wanted to do was "trigger a communication circle for the good of people. A kind of good that requires reflection, action, closeness, patience. "

He sure triggered a communication circle all right.

Here's the kicker. He said he was in favor of the Church intervening. Not just the pope but bishops and everyone in Christendom and he'd like to 'pull the plug' on abandoned elderly and all the little children killed by missiles in the Middle East.

Wow. What a compulsive liar.

Are you ready for this?:

I would like to see a movement of indignation in front of certain realities. This is the position that I firmly defend" 

Mission accomplished.


Jefe' said...

Too caught up to wish everyone Happy 4th of July?? ��

TTC said...

Jefe! The day is young!

Hipe you are having a great vaca!

Very happy Independence Day to all!!!

Liam Ronan said...

Dante wrote of such circles as Paglia would draw us into.

This poor little lamb, Charlie, who cannot speak for himself now (if ever) reminded me immediately of Robert Cardinal Sarah's praise of 'silent hearts' as ever open receptacles of God's presence and love.

Sean Mercer said...

He and the rest of the Vatican Cabal stand for nothing; therefore they are nothing.

Ronald Sevenster said...

Bergoglio and his minions care about nothing else but a good press. That's the sole reason for this turnabout of Paglia. It has nothing to do with Catholic doctrine or a principled stand. They have thrown that overboard a long time ago.

cogito said...

Paglia was against life for Charlie before he was for life for Charlie. His turn-around makes my head spin.

P.F. recently appointed him to head the Pontifical Academy for Life. (now a.k.a. the Pontifical Academy for Death).
Previous to this new appointment he was best known for the homo-erotic murals he had painted in his church.