Monday, July 3, 2017

Pope humiliates Pontifical Academy for Life

We know that the Pontifical Academy for Life has fallen to the dogs, but even for the expected standards of a pontifical academy headed by a prelate who hung a homoerotic self-portrait in Christ's Cathedral, their statement on Charlie Gard was shockingly vicious and contrary to the purpose of the Academy for Life.

Duly note that after they express their opinion that Charlie's parents were using their son for "ideological and political manipulation" and "superficial media sensationalism" and consequently the hospital should obstruct further treatment, they end their statement thus:

Dear Charlie, dear parents Chris Gard and Connie Yates, we are praying for you and with you.

After they draw their sword and stab, as they're twisting the knife in our soul, they always go to extraordinary lengths to warm the cockles of our hearts, don't they.

The parents raised the cash for transport and experimental treatment in the US but British hospital officials and court said they would remove his life support so Charlie would die before treatment could be sought. The grief-stricken parents asked that Charlie be transported home to die and that request was also cruelly denied.

The death sentence from the Pontifical Academy for Life was vehemently condemned by practicing Catholics. Yesterday, Pope Francis released a statement reversing the effects of Paglia's diabolical statement, expressing his support of seeking further treatment to improve the quality and length of Charlie's life.

Wading directly into a charged moral and political debate in the UK, and also appearing to recalibrate an earlier statement from the head of his own Pontifical Academy for Life, Pope Francis on Sunday expressed hope that the desire of 10-month-old Charlie Gard’s parents “to accompany and care for their own child to the end” will be respected.

What's startling about this case is the life and death control exerted over children, even when parents have the means for treatment. The original intention of the hospital was to remove life support swiftly, on Friday, but as the clamor over their cruelty grew louder, they released a statement saying the family would be allowed more time to say goodbye to Charlie.

Leila Lawlor tweeted their statement with emphasis "would be allowed".

Father, we pray that you humble the pride of our enemies and let the might of your right hand crush their arrogance, through Christ Our Lord!


Vatican hospital says it will accept and care for Charlie Gard!


Anonymous said...

Jorge Bergolio is the one to blame for their response, he only made that statement due to much pressure from Catholics world wide. He has turned the church into a happy pill and now its up to the lay people to defend life.. Thanks for nothing Jorge Bergolio!

TTC said...

Complaining about the corruption in Rome definitely makes a difference. They are very inspired by police, lawyers and egg on their face.

Oakes Spalding said...

You made some great points in the first half of your post.

But in regard to the second half, even though I agree with you 95% on most things Catholic, I totally disagree here. The Pope's statement didn't "reverse the effects" of the CDF letter at all. It was merely a calculated PR response, probably prompted by Greg Burke, to staunch the rapidly growing backlash against the Vatican over the Charlie Gard case, from Catholics and Non-Catholics alike. Its practical effect on Charlie Gard and his family is zero. And one presumes its practical effect on the horrific direction of the CDF, which the Pope is responsible for, of course, will also be zero.

TTC said...

Oakes, I stand corrected! I think you are right that the Holy Father's statement could never "reverse the damage" done by the Academy for Life's statement. The Holy See gave the hospital a religious license in the Holy Name of the Catholic Church to proceed.

I think we still disagree that the practical effect of the Pope's statement was zero. It definitely debunked his own dicastery charged with making sound ethical judgments on the sanctity of life. Their credibility is irreparably harmed. Their opinions can no longer be trusted as thinking with the mind of the Church.

I think it has far more impact than what you see. Trump picked up on the pope's statement and is reaching out to see if the US can help get Charlie here. A refugee status is not out of the question.

Keep praying and keep up the great work on your blog!

ps--thanks for your kind words!

Anonymous said...

Your last line hits the nail on the head, "allowed". I hope everyone is starting to wake up to the mainstreaming of Leftist mindset/tactics as outlined here:

Anonymous said...

Too little too late.