Saturday, September 23, 2017

Breaking: Filial Correction of Pope Francis

This first step is an initiative of a theological nature that will likely lead, God willing, to an initiative of a canonical nature from those who have the mandate to act. And so it begins

Sources are reporting it was delivered to the Pope on August 11, 2017 and had 62 signatories. The Dubia Cardinals are not signatories, that correction is still pending.

It's Latin Title: A filial correction concerning the propagation of heresies.

It states that the pope has, by his Apostolic Exhortation Amoris laetitia, and by other, related, words, deeds and omissions, effectively upheld 7 heretical positions about marriage, the moral life, and the reception of the sacraments, and has caused these heretical opinions to spread in the Catholic Church. These 7 heresies are expressed by the signatories in Latin, the official language of the Church.

The letter has three parts, with the main course served in part two:

The second part of the letter is the essential one, since it contains the ‘Correction’ properly speaking. It lists the passages of Amoris laetitia in which heretical positions are insinuated or encouraged, and then it lists words, deeds, and omissions of Pope Francis which make it clear beyond reasonable doubt that he wishes Catholics to interpret these passages in a way that is, in fact, heretical. In particular, the pope has directly or indirectly countenanced the beliefs that obedience to God’s Law can be impossible or undesirable, and that the Church should sometimes accept adultery as compatible with being a practising Catholic.

The Register has a good list of the occasions the Pope has been approached with concerns and been snubbed.

This is a major development in the life of Christ's Church. Let's read it, process it, watch some fur fly.

Get the popcorn and lemonade. The circus has just rolled into town.


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Kathleen1031 said...

Oh happy, happy day! Yes, God bless these men and women who wrote and signed this. May God protect them from the fallout that is to come. Let this be the start of something BIG (and canonical). Oorah!

Kd said...

I Third that! God Bless & Protect the signers and their Courage! Many many prayers for them! And you Carol for posting!

Anonymous said...

Fr Glen Tattersall is one of the most holiest priests in Melbourne Australia, He is living prof that God will never abandon his Church. May St Michael protect and defend all those who defend the truth as we await Jorge Bergolio to finally bend his knee to serve the Lord instead of himself.

TLM said...

Not sure what kind of weight this will hold, but praise God someone did SOMETHING! However I can support this document and these signatories I absolutely WILL beyond a shadow of a doubt!!

TLM said...

Am offering my Mass this morning in thanksgiving for this Correction and for the Signatories. May God Bless them all and keep them SAFE. I feel this was a nudge from the Blessed Mother to her children to speak up...charitably but BOLDLY!......just a warning shot.

Catholic Mission said...

SEPTEMBER 25, 2017

There is a mistake in Vatican Council II : two popes need to be shown that in principle hypothetical cases are not exceptions to EENS

SEPTEMBER 24, 2017

Two popes need to correct the objective error in salvation theology which cannot be the teaching of the Holy Spirit and so is not magisterial