Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Big Announcement Tommorrow in Rome

Robert Moynihan and Rorate are reporting a drama is percolating in Rome for tomorrow:

Friday, September 22, 2017

Get Ready...
A well-informed observer of Vatican affairs has just alerted me that "something important will be published on Sunday" in Rome, so I should "get ready" to take the entire day to cover and report on the "big news"...

At the same time, earlier today an alert was published on the Rorate Caeli (link) Twitter website (link), where one may read the following “tweets,” the first from August 19, the second from today, September 22

August 19 — Rorate Caeli @RorateCaeli
Oh, goodness, just got some unbelievable Vatican news now (not rumor, news)! — but not authorized to publish it at this moment.

There is lots of speculation out there. I'll throw my guess into the circus:

The erection of a counterfeit "John Paul II Institute" to spread the cancer of Amoris Letitiae theological and spiritual malpractice was a forward advance that I should think requires a response.

While I secretly hope the Holy Father is issuing clarifications on Amoris Letitae, sources were reporting a few days ago that Cardinal Burke's formal correction is imminent so my gut instincts are, its one of these two things.

Of note, over the last few days, Cardinal Burke said something to the effect that the media is getting the Pope all wrong. My instincts are there was a recent meeting and whatever the Holy Father said indicated his intentions are to articulate Church teaching faithfully. Which is all well and good - but when the results are, every time you open your piehole, or appoint an apostate to explain your intentions and all ears on deck believe you approve of fornication and sodomy as virtuous, you are failing to take ownership of that fact that you are at fault, not the press, not the listeners and not faithful Catholics who report what their loved ones are regurgitating.

Keep refreshing your browser, it's going to be an interesting weekend. LMBO.


Mark Thomas said...

"...but when the results are, every time you open your piehole, or appoint an apostate to explain your intentions and all ears on deck believe you approve of fornication and sodomy as virtuous, you are failing to take ownership of that fact that you are at fault, not the press, not the listeners and not faithful Catholics who report what their loved ones are regurgitating."

Hello. Peace be with you.

The reality is that His Holiness Pope Francis has, time and again, been misrepresented by right-wing and left-wing Church and secular bloggers/reporters.

Pope Francis has taught...has made it very clear...that fornication and sodomy are not "virtuous."

Pope Francis has declared, for example, that the homosexual lobby (the promotion of homosexuality) is bad.

During a Wednesday General Audience, Pope Francis supported Catholics who work to pass laws that outlaw homosexual "unions" as well as the adoption of children by homosexuals.

His Holiness Pope Francis has presented clearly Catholic teaching on morality.

Cardinal Sarah declared the following:

"In his post-synodal Exhortation on the Family, Amoris Lætitia (“The Joy of Love”), Pope Francis states clearly: “In no way must the Church desist from proposing the full ideal of marriage, God’s plan in all its grandeur … proposing less than what Jesus offers to the human being.”

"This is why the Holy Father openly and vigorously defends Church teaching on contraception, abortion, homosexuality, reproductive technologies, the education of children and much more."


Mark Thomas

TTC said...


Thanks for your post. The problem isn't that you can't search for things the pope has previously said and find clear statements. I will agree with you there.

The problem is that since he's been pope, he has said things that contradict Church teaching and common sense and now everyone's children, relatives, coworkers, neighbors and the general public, who had the misfortune of encountering decades of gay priests and lesbian nuns who taught them not to pay attention to the commandments because they are outdated, and their parents who are trying to teach you how to love every day in a state of Grace and why, hate them, now have a pope who spent the last three years saying the same thing. This has caused catastrophic results in the family. While I am glad you can find a nugget to hold onto, the harm the pope is doing is real and he has repeatedly snubbed and slandered people trying to tell him.

The situation is intolerable and unacceptable. Trying to pitch this as something we are making up or exaggerating only adds another boulder on the backs of families dealing with this catastrophic situation.

We are not fretting about Christ or his Church. We are simply not willing to permit the Holy father to feed our relatives to the devil. That is what he is doing.

I know this is hard to hear, but it is said with charity and I pray you feel the peace with which it is said.

What he means to convey and what he IS conveying with his use of gay priests and apostates are two different things. The man kneed some testosterone and humility to hear what we are saying and knock it off.

Mark Thomas said...

Hello, TTC,

TTC, I disagree respectfully in regard to His Holiness Pope Francis. Pope Francis has, for example, been clear in his teachings that pertain to sodomy.

Pope Francis has taught in unison with the Catechism of the Catholic Church's teachings that pertain to homosexuality. His Holiness has even cited the CCC in regard to Church teaching on homosexuality.

Pope Francis has declared that the homosexual "lobby" (pressure groups) is bad. He has exhorted the Faithful to oppose the movement to legitimize homosexual "unions."

Pope Francis has, time and again, condemned abortion.

Pope Francis has praised and promoted Humanae Vitae.

Pope Francis has exhorted Catholics to reclaim Sunday as the Lord's day.

Pope Francis has again, and again, and again, exhorted Catholics to go to Confession.

Pope Francis has again, and again, warned Catholics about Satan.

Thank you for having permitted me to offer my comments via your blog.

Peace and good health to you and your family.


Mark Thomas

Mary said...

I’m sorry, Mark, but Pope Francis is out there preaching heresy. I know it’s a hard fact to know the Holy Father is in opposition of the major moral truths that the Catholic Church teaches, but he is. And we must be careful that we and our loved ones are not lead into the pit. We must pray to be guided by the Holy Spirit and discern the teachings of this pope. It is obvious that He is engaged in a deliberate effort to change what the Church teaches.

The pope made the dual claim that the “great majority” of Catholic marriages are “null” – in other words, not actual marriages – and that some cohabitating couples are in a “real marriage,” receiving the grace of the Sacrament.
“I’ve seen a lot of fidelity in these cohabitations, and I am sure that this is a real marriage, they have the grace of a real marriage because of their fidelity,” he said.

The Pope also spoke to an audience before a statue of Luther in the Vatican just prior to his going to Sweden to help launch the 500th anniversary of Lutheranism. The Vatican issued a stamp featuring Luther and put out a document saying Catholics now recognize Martin Luther as a ‘witness to the gospel’. Mind you, the same man who broke away from the Catholic teachings and caused thousands of new and false religions to be founded. We are supposed to respect him?

And then, In 2014 Pope Francis appointed Bishop Blase Cupich as Archbishop of Chicago despite his reputation for telling priests not to join 40 Days for Life. After he demonstrated his dissent to Catholic teaching on homosexuality, saying homosexual couples should be given Holy Communion, Cupich was nevertheless named a Cardinal.  

But wait! There’s more! In April, Pope Francis named the pastor of an avowedly pro-LGBT Catholic parish as San Diego’s newest auxiliary bishop, to serve under prominent liberal Bishop Robert McElroy.

Let’s just say that the Pope is trying to bend the catechism to support his own beliefs and agenda. It’s a hard realization to accept, but God teaches us to discern.
“Whoever is wise, let him understand these things; Whoever is discerning, let him know them For the ways of the LORD are right, And the righteous will walk in them, But transgressors will stumble in them.” Hosea 14:9

Anonymous said...

Mark, when has the Pope exhorted Catholics to go to Confession? I missed it again and again?

Anonymous said...

You appear to be terribly mislead regarding Pope Francis, or you're drinking the secular media "Kool-Aid." Are you completely unaware of the that fact that he has supported an interpretation of his own "Amoris Laetia" that says adultery is not a mortal sin, and is in fact, just hunky-dory?

Have you read the entire Filial correction?

I would urge you to read the entire document.

I'd also urge you to read these open letters to Pope Francis.

Read part III above and Parts I and II too:

This papacy is riddled with statements and actions by Pope Francis that contradict the teachings of Jesus Christ, contradict the Magisgteriums of previous popes, directly contract the Deposit of Faith passed on for more than 2,000 years.

Are you unaware of all this?