Friday, September 29, 2017

Cardinal Mueller's Latest Interview

Cardinal Mueller's latest interview has a lot going on all over the map, but is mostly good.

I continue to be frustrated by their treatment of this catastrophic situation as a theological tinkling contest. They don't understand that this is about 'people'. It's about the professional colleagues we spent several years explaining why Catholics don't use contraception. It's about the divorced and remarried cousins whom we encouraged to embrace and resolve their situation. It's about the gay neighbor we've been witnessing to about celibacy. All of them who were at least resisting temptation and understood the fiat and practice of keeping their soul free of mortal sin - who have now abandoned that path because Pope Francis is using apostates to communicate the pontificate of finding virtues in mortal sin is now upon us.

It's about the millions of people who took the time to communicate what his ideas are doing to people we care about, and the Holy Father consistently responding by telling us he does not care and to find a broken bottle and scratch our crazy butts with it.

This kind of suggestion as a fix is infuriating.

A roundtable of episcopal wizards debating the Holy Father's propagation of heresy is about as effectual as having them do a liturgical dance.

What we need is for the Holy Father to answer the dubia, stop appointing apostates and praising their foolish ideas.

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