Sunday, October 1, 2017

Cardinal Burke's Reappointment to the Apostolic Signatura

So yesterday morning, certain credible Vatican were (again) reporting the correction of Amoris Laetitia was about to be published.

And what to our wondering eyes should appear?

A few hours later, an announcement that Cardinal Burke is appointed to the Apostolic Signatura.

I know what you're thinking: There they go again with the rope-a-dope.

Every time someone won't climb aboard their crazy train, they convene a committee and knowing they are going to stack it to swing consensus their way, they want to appoint you to it. That way, when the consensus of the stacked committee issues their opinions, your name goes on it.

I'm thinking we can kiss the formal correction, and ultimately the confession to our children that the advice of heretics and apostates explaining why the moral theology of the Church has been wrong for the last 2000 years is not something they should listen to, bye-byes.

I am interested in reading others opinions on this. The appointment will bear some good fruit. It unravels the moonbat narrative that Church teaching is an outcast in this papacy. More importantly, it positions Cardinal Burke into a place where his election as our next pope. Lastly, the appointment is the first indication that the Holy Father realizes his divisive and offensive rhetoric and actions is wounding the Body of Christ and he needed to do something. I am sure he is wise enough to know this appointment would be an exercise in futility if he didn't also take a breather with the heresy. It bears watching.


Felix M said...

My guess - and it is only a guess - is that Bergoglio re-appointed Burke because he thinks Burke isn't a threat. Specifically, Burke has shown no signs of proceeding any further with the "fraternal correction".

My guess is that Burke has no chance of being elected Pope at the next consistory. Many cardinals will see him as too conservative and question his support for a "fraternal correction", others will see him as too legalistic and attached to ceremonies, and some may even question why he didn't take the next step and actually issue the "correction".

We don't know what the future will hold. Perhaps Cardinal Sarah will become Pope. But perhaps we'll get someone whose even worse than Bergoglio! All we can say is that the Church and the World need prayer and penance.

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Burke gets around. He keeps himself busy teaching and preaching and leading even by example. He is a very good and holy man who will (IMHO) never be elected to the See of Peter for a variety of reasons (American, legalistic background, rigid traditionalist, etc... - none of which are good reasons for not being elevated to the See of Peter but still reasons none the less).

What is this all about then? Let's just say that (I believe) it's much harder to hit a moving target. Box it in, narrow its ability for movement and potential escape, and then watch for the clear shot. I think the good Cardinal needs to be very careful.

This is a cold and calculated move aimed at, ultimately, elimination.

Cardinal Caffarra and Cardinal Meisner pray for the safety of Cardinal Burke and Cardinal Brandmuller!

These are horribly wicked days we live in.

I hope no pray I am wrong about this.

Michael Dowd said...

One result is an instant loss of credibility for Cardinal Burke along with adding another feather in Pope Francis' mercy-hat. Pope Francis is a wily politician. "Beware of Greeks offering gifts."

TLM said...

Anonymous.....unfortunately I think you are correct in your analysis. If you all haven't read it, go and read Fr. Blake's post on the 'FEAR' inside and outside the Vatican. Inside the Vatican, Fr. Blake says the atmosphere is TOXIC. Pretty strong choice of words, I'd say, eh? I am truly afraid for C. Burke, pray for him! And yes, I do believe the idea is to silence him in ANY way they must. The goings on in the Vatican are (dare I say) DIABOLICAL at this point, and I don't think that's an exaggeration......AT ALL! Lord help us in our battle with the evil forces in Rome....and beyond!

Kd said...

Sad to say but I think it's a matter of, keeping your friends close & your enemies even closer. Cardinal Burke needs lots & lots of prayers.

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Burke has been appointed as a member, but not reappointed as prefect.

The likelihood of an American cardinal being elected pope while the USA remains a superpower is remote at best, given the Church's long nightmare when it last elected a cardinal from a major power (France) back in the early 14th century. Burke, while he has theological confreres, is not especially thought highly of for his pastoral administration in St Louis, and that baggage also wears on his plausibility as potential member of the papabile.

Anonymous said...

I frankly think Francis is the last Pope, and he will reveal himself (if he hasn't already) as the False Prophet of Revelation. Look at how quickly things are happening. We are in the last of the Last Days. Things will get far, far worse for devout Christians of all types before they get better.