Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Can somebody please explain this statement from St Peter's in Cambridge to me?

This came across my Facebook feed from the Clergy Trust:

No matter what your present status in the Catholic Church.
No matter what your current family or marital situation.
No matter what your current personal history, age, background, or race.
No matter what your own self image:
You are invited, welcomed, accepted, loved and respected here at Saint Peter Parish.
We are here to welcome and serve you.

Does this mean when our relatives living with their lovers go to St Peter's, the pastor is going to openly contradict what Catholic parents are telling them? He's going to tell them Christ welcomes and respects breaking Commandments?

Its the end of the absolution of sins at St. Peter's in Cambridge?

This parish is a refuge from what they are being told at home or priests who give a rats backside about their immortal soul?

This pastor welcomes the lifestyle of living in a perpetual state of mortal sin?

Isn't this what we really want to know about Pope Francis' drivel?

This is what the dubia is all about, isn't it?

Quo Vadis?

Where are you taking the people we love?

You are going to splinter our families and take them into a state of habitual sin?

If they die that way you just  don't give a sh*t.

Isn't that what you really mean?

They are not going to be told or shown the way to Christ and salvation.

You "are there to serve" fornication.

Lucky us.


Michael Dowd said...

Don't you get it? This is a new Vatican initiative establishing the Pope Francis Exemplary Parish Award concept. St Paul's is the first parish of its kind where sin and salvation go together like love and marriage or love and shacking up or whatever.

Woody said...

Looks like that is from St. Peter’s in Cambridge, not St. Paul’s. On the surface, St. Paul’s looks like a more orthodox place, I note one of their photos shows the clergy with Archbishop Jose Gomez of L.A., who is an Opus Dei man, of course.

Anonymous said...

To echo the above comment, methinks you have misidentified St Paul Parish. St Paul offers beautiful liturgical music, often in Latin.

TLM said...

What we have to urgently convey to our children and family is that these Priests and Bishops, Cardinals and even this 'Pope' (by his anti Catholic ramblings and also his silence in the face of so much error and heresy) are not the real Church of Christ. They do not represent the real Church of Christ. These errors being promulgated from the imposters are pagan and not of God. These prelates are not Catholic at all, they are wolves in sheep's clothing that will and are leading souls to their eternal death, and we are not to listen to them or follow them. Pray for the Holy Spirit to open the eyes of those being led astray!! Pray the Rosary!!! Our Blessed Mother will surely keep us under her mantle in these MOST DANGEROUS times in the Church!

TTC said...

Thanks for telling me about the typo in the title! Corrected!

Anonymous said...

This is not about your post, but, since you are very much “in the know” about things, do you know what happened to Pewsitter.com? I came to rely on them as a source of Catholic news from around the world and suddenly they are no more, and with a very cryptic message at their site. There server was down for several days and now it says they are done for good. I wonder if they have been hacked beyond repair or shut down by the powers that be or threatened out of business, or just want to move on.
Very curious situation, hope you can shed some light on it.

Michael Dowd said...

"do you know what happened to Pewsitter.com?" Under Frank Walker it is now:

Also see Frank's daily summary which is super:

TTC said...

Wow, this is the first I heard of it! I am surprised!

I don't know for sure but from the pieces of the puzzle I saw, Frank was running pewsitter and built up an audience and a while back the owner of pewsitter wanted to take it a different direction. Frank started Canon 212, we all moseyed over there for substance we liked and presitter fell into a rabbit hole. I'm sorry to read it and wish him the best!

Anonymous said...

Alrighty then!
Thanks for the info on Pewsitter.com
Quite honestly, for me, I see little difference between Pewsitter and Canon212. Layout aside, of course.
Maybe I am being too simplistic or superficial in my comparison, however.
In any event, condolences to Pewsitter.....


TTC said...

They shared a lot of the same stories, that's for sure. It seemed to me that Pewsitter was restricting its coverage to orthodox media sources like the Register etc.,and excluding Catholic blogs and Frank includes orthodox blogs. Since the Register (etc) has to filter what they say, go into the spin zone and some of its authors, while zealously loving Christ, are off on theology--the blogs play and important role--probably more important than the Register in the world of Catholic internet.

I honestly don't know what happened - but I did hear of a rift over content and when comparing noticed blogs were excluded on pewsitter after Franks departure, so this is conjecture. I'm sure there is more to it, but agree it's a victory for the devil to lose pewsitter and I'm sorry to hear it. Hope somebody takes over and breathes new life into it. Thank God for Frank!

TTC said...

Michael, I'm afraid you are right!