Saturday, October 28, 2017

The Pope's Delusion that His Personal Letters Abrogate Law on the Sacraments

That's what the latest controversy boils down to.

What's next?

The authority of his post-it notes to abrogate Humanae Vitae?

What's changed with this assertion is, he's graduated from conflating the Magisterium for the thoughts he has while on the toilet, to licensing authority to his writing of those thoughts on scraps of paper.

This actually is a significant development for the counterfeit church.

Have you read the article published by the Guardian "The War against Pope Francis"?

If you haven't, here's a reader's digest of its talking points: Poor Pope Francis is facing backlash for hoodwinking divorced people, and couples living together, into believing they have no need for Sacramental absolution of sin. The poor guy is only trying to codify the sleeping around people have been doing for decades so the "church" can survive. Pope Francis is stepping up to change church 'rules' to approve of how people actually behave. But, in order for the Pope's codification of sexual debauchery to be memorialized into teaching, the people have to accept it. The glory will be fleeting.

The Catholic church has spent much of the past century fighting against the sexual revolution, much as it fought against the democratic revolutions of the 19th century, and in this struggle it has been forced into the defence of an untenable absolutist position, whereby all artificial contraception is banned, along with all sex outside one lifelong marriage. As Francis recognises, that’s not how people actually behave. The clergy know this, but are expected to pretend they don’t. The official teaching may not be questioned, but neither can it be obeyed. Something has to give, and when it does, the resulting explosion could fracture the church...

If the ordinary worshippers stop believing in what they are doing, the whole thing collapses. Francis knows this. If he cannot reconcile theory and practice, the church might be emptied out everywhere. His opponents also believe the church faces a crisis, but their prescription is the opposite. For them, the gap between theory and practice is exactly what gives the church worth and meaning. If all the church offers people is something they can manage without, Francis’s opponents believe, then it will surely collapse...

To guarantee Francis’ changes will last, the church has to accept them. That is a question that will not be answered in his lifetime. He is 80 now, and only has one lung. His opponents may be praying for his death, but no one can know whether his successor will attempt to contradict him – and on that question, the future of the Catholic church now hangs.

(my emphasis)

The summary paragraph is hauntingly accurate and absolute.

Pope Francis will not live to see the outcome. Assisting the people he's lured into mortal sin relies, in part, upon whether a faithful Catholic is elevated to the Chair of Peter who will put the heresy out of its misery. Time will tell whether we'll be able to marginalize the heresies.

In the meantime, I think we can expect attempts to get traction with the idea that a pope changes Church teaching by jotting things down on toilet paper.

ps- I do not recommend praying for the Holy Father's death. I wouldn't mind seeing him hasten his suggestion that he may wish to renounce the Chair of Peter but I don't even pray for that. I do keep pointing out the number of people being lured into mortal sin and asking Christ to save them from this fate. Sometimes I think It's asking Him not to accept His Crucifixion.

It's a mess.


Nellie said...

Spot on.
The first time I have seen it clearly and scatalogial it is.

Michael Dowd said...

Thanks Carol. More damning evidence PF. And the ones who are damned are the folks who agree with Pope Francis and follow his direction.

Right now my guess is the Catholic Church is over 50% Protestant now based on what Catholics really believe and act on. Pope Francis is under the gun of the grim reaper to finish off the rest of the Catholic Church before he has to answer for his crimes.

Irenaeus said...

A needed post-script. Thank you.