Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Fr. James Martin Illustrates the Modus Operandi of Pope Francis (and the "Society of Jesus" Lock, Stock and Barrell)

...and about 90% of the dioceses in the USA.

Here's the dynamic most of us have been dealing with on the parish level for decades:

A flamboyant effeminate apostate priest gets assigned to the parish and starts 'proselytizing' that the Catechism taught at home is hateful and outdated. Your child/loved one comes home and explains all about how Father told them Church teaching now sanctions following the impulses of sexual urges and not to pay attention to hateful Catholics.

You go up the chain of command trying to get someone to explain to your children (parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, neighbors, coworkers, etc., etc.) not to apply this judgment in their lives. Panic-stricken - you go to the pastor, the Chancery, the nuncio, you write to Rome. With the exception of the nuncio and Rome who ignore you, everyone LOL. Your loved one start acting shady and you find out they are using condoms or birth control pills. You flee to another parish where the whole process starts over again. And then another parish. And another.

Before you know it, ten years goes by and your loved ones have zero respect for Church teaching.

We now have the displeasure of having a pope appointing the apostates and telling the world its good theology and naysayers are hateful, bitter, blah, blah, blah.

And here, emboldened, the Pope's flamboyant effeminate apostate spokesperson defends another flamboyant effeminate apostate priest by saying the apostasy is a 'powerful witness to the gospel' and people defending Church teaching are hate mongers.

I'm so sick of this incestuous clerical bromance, it isn't even funny.

Hell is empty and the devils are here.


M. Prodigal said...

Perhaps most demons have been allowed to come to earth because of all the innocent blood shed that empowers them but hell is NOT empty for there are countless souls there and countless going there. As Our Lady showed the little children 100 years ago, souls were falling into hell like snowflakes and I imagine the blizzard is going strong now.

TLM said...

"I am so sick of this incestuous clerical bromance it isn't even funny!" Can I relate or can I relate? Think of the countless parents and their children who have been BETRAYED by their priests of the one true faith. Tell you what, sometimes I really don't know what to do with all the anger. I remember well the days of battling with Priests and Religious Ed instructors and even Bishops when my child was told: 'It's not a sin to miss Mass on Sunday at all, let alone a 'mortal sin....the Church has moved on from that.' or....'Nothing happens when you die, you don't see relatives or even God, you just DIE.' or.....'The children are too young to experience the sacrament of reconciliation before they receive their first Communion....we now like to wait until the child himself feels ready.' (and what if they NEVER do?) These evil men have plunged the knife into little souls and twisted it, and parents are not supposed to be angry?

And NOW we have sodomy on steroids being GLORIFIED by these Demons while Bergoglio lavishes his false 'mercy' on them and all the sexually deviant by a 'nod' and a 'wink'. The hierarchy in the Church is truly diabolic at this point. A good number of our clerics are truly reflecting the face of Satan himself.