Thursday, October 5, 2017

Josef Seifert is latest victim of Francis Fatwa

This is a very articulate example of what I was talking about yesterday.

Seifert calls it the 'persecution of orthodoxy'.

The moral-theological crisis has moved from the bottom to the top of the Church. The victims of judgments or actions against them are denied the opportunity to defend themselves against unjust charges, a natural human right that is explicitly recognized in canon law.

That the archbishop does not remove Catholic theologians who spread errors and heresies while teaching in the name of the Catholic Church, but instead expels me from a chair he had created in a non-Church-affiliated school of philosophy, is beyond my comprehension. Such a persecution of someone who defends teachings that are entirely compatible with the Catholic Church is harmful not only for me, but for the archbishop himself and for the Church itself.

Beautifully said.

But after 50 years of it, is it really 'beyond comprehension'?

In a righteous world, of course a bishop would support the faithful and preserve the tools of salvation by removing a heretic. I confess that I still speculate the reasons why the bishops, and now pope, instead remove and attempt to silence their victims. But this is the behavior I expect from them. I'm not at all shocked or scandalized. In fact, I'm shocked that he's shocked.

Let's cut to the chase: If a bishop held onto this guy while the faithful were being purged for the last 30 years, he either has money, and a lot of it, or he has connections to politicians.

What went awry in the Church is, people with money and political connections were quite willing to play deaf, dumb and blind while the bishop attacked Catholic families for 30 years.

But when a bishop chases the well-heeled with a machete to slit the throats of truth and justice, they are blown away.

Welcome to our world.


MaryP said...

Yes, for too many for too long it has been an academic or intellectual thing. I remember a moral theologian joking about the pendulum swing in seminary moral theology from the situation ethics of 1966 to the days of JPII, and I told him that while he was watching interesting heretical teachings grow and subside (he thought), families were watching people die, marriages break up, and children going astray because of those teachings.

Michael Dowd said...

And to think Opus Dei supports Pope Francis in his heresies and condemns those who speak out against them. Who now in the Church can we trust?

Anonymous said...

Judaizing, judaizing, judaizing. This is what happened to the Church and society. We have internalized the commands of our oppressors.

Anonymous said...

Michael, Opus Dei is nothing but a bunch of papolators and ultramontanists. Once John Paul II made it a personal papal prelature, that effectively sealed Opus Dei's fate.

Francis is the False Prophet of the End Times. We're far closer than anybody wants to admit.