Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Pope's Letter to Cardinal Sarah

This is most ominous. I have not processed all of the implications, but it seems the pope is in the process of a decapitation of Christ's Head in the Sacred Liturgy.

Fr Longenecker published a post of what he anticipates could come next, which I also believe are likely.

This is a historic mutilation of Christ's Mystical Body.

I ran to Fr Z's blog for a self-imposed intervention, but his post made me sick to my stomach.

I didn't think he had the capability and power to dismember Christ, but it seems the power has been handed over to him.


Barbara Jensen said...

It is very pleasing that you, for one, have awoken the situation in the Church as it really is. People have mocked , ridiculed and censored the messages of Maria Divine Mercy, but all she has prophesied is coming true. (I am no devotee at present). We will see that, as things unfold, each one of us will be presented with a choice: to follow christ into the underground Church where Mass will be said in secret, or ally with the false church Bergoglio is creating. If that sounds. preposterous to you just wait and see. I am truly astounded by the passivity of those who have the authority to publicly challenge the destroyer in Rome. They will not do it
We are left to our own individual response to this horrific situation. God helps us all. Pray for priests to do the right thing.

TLM said...

Barbara is, I do believe, absolutely correct. Not ever really being a devotee of Maria Divine Mercy, I'm not aware of her prophesies, but many other of our saints and blessed have prophesied all that we see happening now in the Church, and further that the truly faithful will be 'underground' completely at some point. Looks like we are staring it in the face. Depending upon how Bishop's conferences 'interpret' the Latin translations of the Mass and in particular (as Francis himself has pointed out in his nice little letter to +Sarah) the EUCHARISTIC PRAYER, could indeed invalidate the entire Mass. And.....what was it I read about the TLM being 'updated' to look more like the N.O. Mass? Looks to me like they are out to invalidate both rites, beginning with the TRADITIONAL MASS!! Meanwhile we sit back and watch the Church of Christ burning to the ground.

"God help us all." AMEN! Mother of God, wonder if you could speed things up a tad and CRUSH HIS HEAD NOW??!! Your children would be ever so appreciative, because we are having a hard time stomaching all of this evil coming from INSIDE your Son's Church!! Thank you ever so much in advance!!

Kathleen1031 said...

When I think of all the cradle Catholics, the seniors, who have had a lifetime of knowing one thing only, that they had the Church to count on, and now look, this evil, horrendous little man comes in, with his villainous cabal of apostates, and they are pulling the church down brick by brick. It upsets me terribly, but I'm a convert, so it's not as bad I think.
Cardinal Sarah is having his nose rubbed in it. He is being publicly rebuked by Bergolio, not only are you not in charge of translations, but go back and tell everyone you communicated with that this is the case.
What are these men waiting for. Cardinal Mueller found out, kowtowing and placating will not keep you in his good graces, at the first opportunity, you will feel the wrath of going up against him, he'll see to it. PRIDE, he has it in abundance.
There are naught to defend Christ. Nor His Church. Nor His Gospel. Nor us, the poor sinners. We must wait on the Lord and His Mother, and in the meantime, get as many people into the Traditional Latin Mass as we can.
May God help us, and soon. Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us.

Catholic Mission said...

October 25, 2017
Louie Verrecchio, Ann Barnhardt, David Domet, the two popes and the CDF Prefect are in heresy : correction and recantation of error needed