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Craig A. Ford's Honesty on Catholic LGBT "Ministry"

Joseph Scambria highlights the whole kit and caboodle of 'accompaniment' given by gay-themed/friends-with-benefits 'ministries' inside of the Catholic Church.

This parish in New York has got it going on. They are advocating the ideas of Craig A. Ford. Craig pitches himself as an expert in the practice of Catholic ethics because he is a doctrinal candidate of Theological "Ethics" at Boston College. A product of the Jesuits.

I don't think you'll be surprised by Craig's talking points. We all know how highly skilled Jesuits are in teaching Catholics how to defile Catholic Theological Ethics, while kidding yourself into believing you're a practicing Catholic. It's been a good money-making gig for the last 60 years.

I'm impressed with Craig because he's willing to say what most Jesuits only imply with ambiguous proverbs and the nudge and the wink.

Pope Francis is the poster boy for Jesuitical theological 'ethics'.

They bait the hook by teaching how backwards Catholic moral theology is, and how hateful people are who practice it. Once people are on the hook, they lead them into the practice of living in a habitual state of mortal sin by telling them not to make judgments about right actions and wrong actions when faced with temptation. They teach them to act on impulses because God loves them -- and of course, we all know true love of God means you can break the Commandments!

They say things like we should "accompany" each other into sin because it's a lonely cruel world. When what they really mean to say is, stop feeling remorse for breaking commandments, don't get your sins absolved in the Sacrament of Confession and receive sacrilegious Communion in a habitual state of mortal sin. They just don't have the spinal fortitude to lay their cards on the table.

I will say that Pope Francis goes farther than most. Along with the usual and customary tactics above, he's also willing to give heresy credibility by publishing it.

We actually see this tired tactic all the time. "This piece of paper is what I want to say but I'm a coward, so I'm just going to refer to it, pass it out, publish it at my parish, the diocesan newspaper or Vatican website."

Heresy by way of "what he said".

That gives you the ability to accuse educated Catholics of misunderstanding what is intended to convey by publishing heresy. Funny how when you corner them to ask just exactly what that misunderstanding might be, all they can come up with is insults.

Jesuitical 'ethics' really works well when you have someone like Craig who will come right out and say it!

In what directions, then, are we called to grow this Advent, a season that, properly speaking, is a penitential one? Like many Catholics, our minds may gravitate towards confession. But, as queer and LGBTIA-identified Catholics, we also know that this can be a tricky invitation to accept. Too often we find that our lives and our loves are denounced both formally and informally in diocesan newspapers and during Catholic homilies. In these instances, we are wise to avoid the confessionals as well.

And, he really captures the description of the 'ministry' replacement for the absolution of sins and Sanctifying Grace.

Our work entails trying to live a non-exclusive Gospel, where we become ambassadors of welcome to each other.

And again, this guy's honesty is refreshing as he explains exactly what isn't welcome:

This work is not easy. And for those who us who identify as LGBT, as queer, or as gender non-conforming Catholics, this type of activity will seem downright unfair. After all, why should we expect to open ourselves up to others such as our own bishops who continue to use the hurtful language of “the truth about man and woman, and the unique bond of marriage they form”?

The ethics and moral theology of the Church and those who teach it!

Joseph also gives another example of 'ministry' from the Archdiocese of San Francisco. This one's a doozy:

We do not know his [Jesus] sexual orientation, but this makes no difference theologically and would itself be an anachronistic question. We know he was a sexual person with sexual feelings.

If God must become Asian or African, then God is also in some sense queer…

Is it less appropriate for gays to imagine Jesus as gay than for African Christians to picture him as black, Asian Christians as Asian?

One listens to the official Church teaching and takes it seriously, and then one asks what does my life experience say to this teaching…Whenever our conscience goes against the teaching of the church there is a tension, but it is a healthy tension. We know that the development of doctrine does take place over time. And as we know doctrine has developed over time, for instance with regard to slavery.
Are we allowed to differ from the Church’s hitherto accepted norms and judgments? Yes, if theology is to grow. Knowledge develops when opposite opinions are discussed, until an integration is reached. In this process, “theological dissent” forms a creative part.
…in the same way that Catholics in other parishes practice artificial contraception while remaining Catholics in good standing. Gay Catholics in relationships are in a similar situation. Catholics can dissent and remain loyal despite what some Catholic fundamentalists would want us to believe.

This individual has taken the Pope Francis pass and is running for a salvation touchdown. He's heading straight to hell and doesn't even know it. Pope Francis, et al., been training him to see the defensive ends trying to stop him as his enemies.

He's making the mistake a lot of wounded Catholics make. He conflates a 'Catholic in good standing', the essence of which requires being free from mortal sin and in 'a state of Sanctifying Grace', with having hidden sins while serving in public ministry.

A Catholic 'in good standing' is in a state that allows access to Heaven.

A lector 'in theological dissent' using artificial contraception is an unrepentant sinner and consequently NOT a Catholic in good standing.

He or she may be 'standing' in the Sanctuary, but if you're sleeping with your lover outside of the Sacrament of Marriage, you'll see them in hell. And all the ordained men who lied to you will be right there with their "ambassador of welcome" wagons.

And not to be outdone, the Pope's homosexuality spokesperson is Johnny OntheSpot to explain 'context' of the holy homoerotica they are selling:

James Martin recently spoke via Skype to MHR parishioners; in a 2017 interview, when asked about changing opinions within some sectors of Christianity concerning homosexuality and same-sex marriage, Martin said:

You need to understand the Scripture in its historical context. If you look at the Old Testament, there’s a lot of Scripture that said that it’s okay to have slaves, but no one buys that any longer…Even in the New Testament they understood homosexuality in a far different way than we do today. You need to understand it in its context. Homosexual laws seem to be the only ones that people take out of context these days.

Not as straight-forward as Craig A. Ford, but we all know the crack he's selling and why. The antichrist and antithesis of Christ's Church Who teaches the prayer "Vouchsafe, Oh Lord, to keep us this day without sin"

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