Monday, January 1, 2018

Fr. Ripperger: The Truth

Happy New Year!

You're welcome.

With Fr. R's reflection on Truth in mind yesterday, I saw these pics of the Holy Father viewing the "nativity" in St. Peter's Square.

The photos almost look as if he couldn't figure out which androgynous figures were supposed to be the Holy Family. I hope somebody told him it's the wider-than-a-linebacker she-man figure above the terrified flying angel heads with big bloody bewbs.

I somehow missed the followup story to la cage aux folles "nativity" and just learned they officially tied the 'nativity' to a wild band of profane, vulgar sexual activists. As if that would come as a surprise to anyone.

Sannino welcomed the Vatican Nativity Scene, saying he believes it is an “important symbol of inclusion and integration,” but whether it signifies greater openness by the Church depends on “how conscious” Vatican officials were of the connection with LGBT activists in making the decision. “We hope that the Church will finally develop a real sense of openness in the wake of the Pope’s words,” he said, referring to Francis’ “Who am I to judge?” comment. “The Church is extremely slow in its transformations,” he believes, and is fairly confident “this will also happen.”

Let's not kid each other. Every Vatican official with eyes 'was conscious' of its perverted nature. The link between the androgynous mess and the culture of immorality and death can be seen by looking at it.

This 'nativity' is so polluted with the perverted, the Truth is impossible to comprehend. Fr. R's describes "partial truth" as not being truth at all Truth either is or it isn't. And this papacy isn't. I don't know where this leaves us, but I have a hunch 2018 is going to be an interesting year.

This is the first day of another Fr. Heilman 90 day Novena. We have a New England support group of about a dozen people if anyone is interested in joining us. We "meet" in cyberspace on Thursday nights at 7:30 to chat about challenges, victories and to encourage each other. It's a great group of Catholics.

Happy, holy 2018!


Anonymous said...

I do hope Francis was oblivious to this and it was taken down immediately- come on, let’s play stupid!

Catechist Kev said...

Good morning, Carol!

Fr. Ripperger leads quite a few retreats at Our Sorrowful Mother's Ministry in Vandalia, Il. (about 3 hours from me... as the crow flies)

I believe I am going to have to head over that way to take in one of his retreats. ;^)

God bless and happy new year!

TLM said...

I just LOVE Fr. Ripperger! Could listen to him forever! And yes, Carol, you are correct, as Francis has none of the truth. I don't really care how many 'Catholic sounding' statements he makes, when he throws in his anti Catholic mumbo jumbo, every ounce of truth is made false, as rightly stated by Fr. He really possesses none of the truth. And nope....not really sure where this leaves US! Where do we go from here? Don't exactly know. Does Fr. mean if they profess heresy as official Catholic teaching, we cannot participate? It's kind of like sometimes they like to 'dance around' the issue and let us figure it out on our own. Well, as it stands now, I'm not getting out of the boat unless they either (1) kick me out (kind of like they did to that poor lady for a solid year who just requested that the Pastor announce people could kneel when receiving Communion) or (2) they decide to really turn the Mass into a freak show by totally eliminating the sacrifice. Those are (at this point) my two conditions. But regardless, you are correct...2018 is already shaping up to be a most 'interesting' year.

Anonymous said...

The fact that a Pope allowed such a nativity scene to be displayed confirms that the Vatican, if not the Church leadership as a whole, has bought into the Satanic paradigm governing "the world" -- perhaps for a lot longer than anybody would care to admit.

The mere fact that Vatican officials allowed this provides just another example of the contempt these false shepherds have for the faithful.

Malachi Martin saw this day coming.