Saturday, December 16, 2017

Jury's Random Act of Kindness is a Tool for Conversion

Jury convicts woman of theft, then took up a collection to pay her fine.

I really, really understand the pain behind having her engagement ring stolen. It originally belonged to her beloved grandmother. Must have been crushing. There is an element of cruelty behind a person who would steal something they know has sentimental value. It's different than stealing money from a wallet or identity theft. Jewelry possesses the love of the person who gave it to us or to whom it belonged.

I've had it happen to me so I know the pain well. On face value, I get how a fine of only $60 could send a message of injustice to the victim of such cruelty.

But, I was sorry to see the victim wrapped around the wheels of vengeance. The woman felt remorse, confessed, returned the rings and wrote an apology. It's beyond comprehension how she failed to see the woman "accepting accountability". Come on lady!

Thank God, the jury saw an opportunity to acknowledge her guilt while showing her forgiveness and compassion. Go now, and sin no more.

I love the heroic kindness behind this story and pray that it's enough to get Mendez Ortega's on the right path. Please stop and say an Ave for her conversion!


Edison Frisbee said...

She's just stealing the jewelry that Americans won't deign can we deport her already?

TTC said...

What is eating you?

If she is here illegally that is a separate issue.

This is about a poor pregnant woman stealing, the motive for which has nothing to do with entitlement.

The jury is showing people how we uphold laws while still showing compassion,tenderness and kindness. The answers do not lie in nastiness or anarchy. Justice and kindness coexist.

TTC said...

Do you parent by using logic and practices you illustrate above?

I hope not!

Edison Frisbee said...

She is here illegally (the jury was not informed of that fact - why was that?) many laws does she get to break before she is actually held accountable?

So it's OK to enter the country illegally but not an abortuary (Red Rose Operation)....just want to make sure I understand your "rules."

Nothing is "eating me" but I do think you are becoming a bit of a loon.

TTC said...

Something is eating you. I think you've tipped your hand. You're trying to justify your own wrongdoings by twisting what I'm saying.

Nobody would read what I wrote and draw the conclusion that I said it's ok she is in this country illegally. If you read it again, I said it's a separate issue. The jury wasn't told because it has nothing to do with prosecution of whether she stole these rings. Her legal status is managed through a different process. As it should be.

She was not afforded anything extraordinary. Every prosecution of every crime excludes information about other potential crimes.

Bursting into a doctors office and jumping on a pogo stick while singing yankee doodle dandy doesn't save lives. If people exit the doctors office, it does not prove it's efficacy. As they are running out the door, they likely think 'this is a group of screwballs who might kill me so I'm getting out of here'. All you are doing is taking uncatechized people, scaring and hardening their hearts. I've given you several parables which should help you think it through, such as the likelihood of you changing your own mind if a gay couple burst into your wedding to talk about their exclusions from the Sacrament of Marriage in the Catholic Church, but you do not seem interested in thinking it through.

Anonymous said...

Well, now that her theft has been dealt with, it's time to deport this illegal alien.

TTC said...