Sunday, December 17, 2017

Vatican "Nativity" Exhibits Paraphiliaism (like everything else in this papacy)

Have you seen the pics of the Holy Father's "Nativity"?

Like everything else, it's everything but what it is with a touch of sexually provocative.

They couldn't set aside their paraphiliasim on the holiest day of our year?

Their endless, inappropriate sexual exhibitionism is so tiring.

This time, it isn't faithful Catholics pointing out the Holy See's sexual provocation, it's Mark Zukerberg, whose convictions on moral theology is close to Hugh Heffner's and the "Playboy" mansion.

Looking at this displaced, perverted mess, it is nearly impossible to find Christ, the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph and the message they are conveying.

It's a real essay about this papacy.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just when the U.S. Puts Christ back into Christmas Rome pushes Him out!
Here's what the hypocrite says today, speaking with fork tongue... "There is always a place for you! When you pray at home, before the Crib with members of your family, let yourselves be drawn by the tenderness of Baby Jesus, born poor and frail in our midst, to give us His love. This is the true Christmas. If we take Jesus away, what remains of Christmas? An empty celebration. Don’t take Jesus away from Christmas! Jesus is the center of Christmas; Jesus is the true Christmas! Understood?

Who's not understanding?

Kathleen1031 said...

Yes they always find a way to insert Satan into things, as when they talk of "soft flesh" etc. Just a hint of the perverted. They are thoroughly enjoying this poking Catholics in the eye on a daily basis. This "nativity" is a scandal, and it is sad that there is not one Catholic in Rome willing to go to jail for wrecking it. I believe I would consider it an honor. The first thing I'd go for is that beefcake man lying nude on the ground in the provocative pose. Him aside, the fact that the Holy Family is just not enough for this pope, that he must once again lecture all of Christendom on these phony acts of mercy, these trumped up displays of "compassion", when it's all false, means nothing, because he has shredded Catholicism and lied to Catholics, laying waste to faith and morals. I can't even FIND the Holy Family in this crowded scene. I have yet to see the Virgin Mary in this scene, although I have heard she looks more like a man in a dress.
That I believe.