Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Romans are up to no good.

From time to time in the history of the Church, a group of apostates have overcome Vatican City.

It thankfully hasn't happened very often. But do you remember when the most recent group of apostates dismantled the Pontifical Academy of Life and St. John Paul II Institute to usher in events to confuse and diminish the efficacy of Church teaching on the Fifth Commandment?

The apostates did what they always do. Remove Catholics who teach Church teaching and use It as the guidance source for making right and wrong choices and they reconstituted the apostolates to hoodwink Catholics into breaking Commandments.

In anticipation of what we all knew would happen, a group of faithful Catholics formed a group to respond to the devil's work.

And respond they did:

John Paul II Academy for Human Life and the Family (JAHLF) said that the Nov. 16-17 conference hosted by the Pontifical Academy for Life (PAV) — which was recently gutted and re-constituted by Pope Francis — had "serious problems."

"The spirit of the meeting seems to have been precisely that: a neutral presentation of differing viewpoints on end-of-life questions," stated the document signed by JAHLF President Josef Seifert and other members of the academy....

"It is troubling that, just at a time when Catholic faithful most need firm and clear directions in order to resist the prevailing secular trends, the Holy See could have hosted a meeting in which opinions, which overtly contradict Catholic teaching, were treated as worthy opinions and even placed on the same level as those which uphold the Church’s teaching. In this regard, it is also troubling that the central ethical and theological truths concerning death, dying, and suffering were markedly underrepresented," they added.

As we all have experienced on the parish and diocese level, the presentations were maniacal:

"Seeking to impose on a doctor the duty to perform abortions or euthanasia (or, alternatively, to leave the medical profession or a given hospital), or to impose on him the duty to refer a woman to an abortionist, is gravely sinful and a direct violation of his inalienable human dignity and freedom of conscience, " they state.

"The same also applies to the case where a pro-life physician is claimed to be obliged to refer a patient (who requests physician-assisted suicide or euthanasia) to a colleague who would perform such acts. Not only is the pro-life physician not obliged to refer a patient to a colleague who would perform intrinsically wrong acts, he is also absolutely morally forbidden to do so," they continue.
"Not only is the pro-life physician not obliged to refer a patient to a colleague who would perform intrinsically wrong acts, he is also absolutely morally forbidden to do so," they add.

The authors revealed the fallacy behind the argument of "moral autonomy" to justify euthanasia and assisted suicide.

One can hardly imagine a worse perversion of moral truth and natural right than the idea that a person has a right to demand that other persons commit the crime to murder him. Nobody has any right whatsoever to demand from society to assist him to commit a crime against himself, or to oblige others to commit the crime of murdering him. Quite the contrary, the others and the State, in virtue of their true moral autonomy, a moral autonomy subjected to the truth, have the absolute moral duty to reject such a request.

I wonder if there is anyone sane who hasn't fled Rome with the ability to recognize the place has become infested. And not just a little. It needs to be quarantined, everyone in it needs to fast with 24 hour Adoration in every Church for 30 days and a dozen or so exorcists brought in?


TLM said...

Funny you should recommend a 'dozen or so exorcists brought in'.....I read an article a few years ago of an interview with Fr. Amorth (the famous exorcist who has since gone to his eternal reward, may he RIP) and he suggested JUST THAT. He did say that the Vatican was indeed infested and really could use an exorcism. To tell you the truth, at this point in time, I wouldn't get within 100 miles of the Vatican.....way too dangerous!

TTC said...

TLM, I'm not surprised! I'm not one to go into places where demons hang to find mischief. Spent way too much time in a situation before I realize its them.

When Boston was in a cyclone, I remember inviting them to consider the cause of infestation and arrange exorcism. It hadn't occurred to them. LMBO.

TLM said...

TTC.....LOL..... Of course it wouldn't occur to them.....more than half of them don't even believe in exorcisms because they don't really believe in Satan!!

Anonymous said...

Please note, these persons has not "lost" the Faith, which is passive,
but have abandoned the Faith (an active action).

Is anybody with a lick of sense surprised?

Michael Dowd said...

A schism is much preferable to what is happening now in the Church. And soon it may be mandatory if wish to not have you and your children subjected to a false faith. There is now clearly more besides the smoke of Satan in the Vatican.

Anonymous said...

This certainly smacks of diabolical disorientation, as Our Lady of Fatima foretold.

The lack of a courageous response from the clergy disgusts me...are they indifferent, or cowards, or protecting their comfy positions, or duplicitous accomplices?

This nonsense of moral autonomy to justify evil...autonomy from Whom? God?? Let's be perfectly clear, moral relativism comes from a core satanic belief - Do What Thou Wilt. Moral relativism is an accepted secular/social norm, and it seems to me that the false shepherds in Christ's Holy Church are doing their utmost to make it acceptable through their pastoral discernment.

Serve God or satan, there is no middle ground.

Rebuke the false priests, Fast, Pray the Rosary daily for the True Restoration of the Social Kingship of Christ.