Friday, February 2, 2018

In the Life of the Mystical Body of Christ, What happened in China is Judas Handing Over Christ's Body to the Romans

What happened in China is huge, and something we're going to be talking about for a long time.

Here's another description from Robert Royal.

Cardinal Zen has been energetic in warning about the unreliability of agreements with the Communists. (Rumors of an imminent agreement between China and the Vatican have been floating around for a couple of years now, without anything definite being revealed.) Asia News, a publication of the Vatican, itself reacted to last week’s news with a warning about substituting “illegitimate” bishops for “legitimate” ones. The ChiComs (as we used to call them during the Cold War) are smart and shrewd. They know how to manipulate Western values, in this case, “unifying” the churches, i.e., the religious inclination to think we can fix all problems with dialogue, building bridges, diplomatic arrangements.

Meanwhile, China continues to cut crosses off church buildings, close some, dynamite still others. The New York Times reported just two weeks ago that China had destroyed the Golden Lampstand church – with 60,000 worshippers the largest evangelical community in the country. The reason: the large, conspicuous edifice had been “secretly” constructed, had failed to get official building permits, etc. These are the usual fig leaves of tyrannical regimes all over the world when they attack religion. I’ve heard top Chinese leaders blame local authorities for “excesses and errors,” but these seem to recur with a suspect regularity that no one seems to take steps to stop.

Late last night, a friend texted me his concerns about what is transpiring in China. As I was writing my response, it suddenly occurred to me that in the life of Christ's Mystical Body, what I was describing was Judas handing over Christ to the Romans.

That's what's going down. And not just in China.

He's handing over Church Teaching to enmity and error, and every one of us to the Romans whose historical role is to dispose of Christ.

The fun is just beginning!


TLM said...

"The fun is just beginning." ....this is the scary part. I said to my H last night: "This is just the tip of the iceberg....hang on, it's going to get MUCH worse. The handwriting is on the wall." (at the risk of coming off as a pessimist)

Michael Dowd said...

We are in a de facto schism. The Pope and those who won't stand up to him have left the Church. Where did all our religious leaders go? I see the Church as SSPX and they're a little shaky from Vatican bribes.

Dr. T.T.Coals said...

Yes, this Pope is indeed playing the role of Judas in the Passion of the Church, but...small correction...Judas didn't betray and hand over Our Lord to the Romans. He handed Him over to the Pharisees, who then handed Him over to Pilate.

Meanwhile, where are the 30 pieces of silver? Is the rich apostate German episcopate funding, manipulating and propping up this Bergoglian nightmare?

M. Prodigal said...

May Our Lady's Triumph come soon and end the reign of the destroyers.

Anonymous said...

For all his name-calling of the Faithful, it is Bergoglio and his cohorts who are the Pharisees. And this time they hand the followers of Christ over to the devil (the world and it's governments who hate them). But it is for world power and domination, as in The NEW WORLD ORDER.

Anonymous said...

Anti-Christ: 2. One who actively denies or opposes Christianity.

Does the above-mentioned definition remind you of someone in