Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Weatherman Chase is on for Every Snowflake in New England

We're hunkered down in New England waiting for some kind of snow bomb that's going to deliver a foot+ of snow and power outages from high winds. I dropped into the grocery store last night after work and I could not believe my eyes! There were hoards of young couples wandering around with full carriages - some of them had two carriages - frantically scouring bare shelves looking for something to buy. I never saw anything like it.

I didn't feel compelled to run to the grocery store in the morning because all I wanted was a head of broccoli and cheese to make some soup. Broccoli isn't a snowstorm staple, so I figured there'd be some left. People usually go for the booze, bread, milk, soup, water and eggs.

I'm not a bread person. I love bread, but I might as well tape it to my derriere when I eat it, so I try to stay away from it. I get the panic for bread, milk and eggs. But this was demented behavior. There wasn't a vegetable or piece of meat in the joint.

Keep in mind that if we lose power, the food in the fridge and freezer goes bad AND..there is no means to cook it! More importantly, a foot of snow is nothing up here. It does shut us down for the day, but after 4-5 hours of plowing, we are back up and running. It's possible that wide-spread power outages could cripple us for several days, but the grocery stores have generators and its their mission to restock within 24-48 hours.

Kiddies: Get some cans of tunafish and ramen noodles in the house. If that lunatic in North Korea ever gets the resources to impose a credible threat, we are scarreeewed!


Kathleen1031 said...

We are here with you, and this storm has brought out a level of near panic.
Back in the day when the Depression hit, many people didn't even know it was happening. People got what they needed to survive, and my mom barely acknowledged there was a Depression, because it didn't make much difference in their lives. They were poor, and that continued during the depression, but they made do, and hordes of scavenger bandits and bad guys did not roam the countryside looking for who they could rape, rob, or kill. That is so not the case today, when much of the population is so godless and violent they would probably see no reason not to do exactly that. We have scavengers galore now, and God help anyone whose path they cross. To them, this storm is an opportunity.
If there is an EMP or solar flare that knocks out power, it's going to be bad, very bad, because the law of the jungle, not a Judeo-Christian ethos, is the reigning attitude. I'm a little cynical today, because my nephew's car was just jacked up and two of his tires stolen, and he can ill afford that.
We are worried about the elderly and children and power outages. May God in His infinite mercy help people to stay warm.

Kd said...

It’s time for this prayer, I say it everyday but would like to remind everyone....

“Dear Lord Jesus, please surround me, my Family and all my friends with a perimeter of Your Love and Protection throughout this day and night, a hundred yards in all directions, dear Lord. Render any demons that are there, or should try to come, deaf, dumb, and blind. Strip them of all weapons, illusions, armor, power, and authority. Disable them from communicating or interacting in any way. Bind, sever, and separate them, sending them directly to the foot of Your Cross without manifestation or harm. May Your Precious Blood cover us, the Holy Spirit fill us, Mary's mantle surround us, the Holy Angels and Saints guard and protect us from all unfortunate events. Protect us from fire, theft, flood, storms, ailments, accidents of every sort, distress, hardship, curse, and all untoward things. I ask all this in your Name Lord Jesus I thank and praise you. I love you. Alleluia. Amen

Karl J said...

Take I-90 West to I 84 West; about an hour into New York(on 84 W) and that is where I am watching the snow fall from this same storm. But we are going to be less burdened than you folks in/near Boston. We have about 4 ish inches on the ground thus far and some wind. I have seen much worse, but enjoy snow, increasingly less, as I age. I will have much shoveling to do and hopefully the power will stay on. It usually does. Tomorrow, God willing, if I clear the snow sufficiently and this beast moves on beyond all of us, it is back to work for me in the frigid cold that is on its way.....

Michael Dowd said...

Venice, Florida @ 55 degrees below 90.

Our priest today seemed to have cold on his mind as he commiserated with us about how cold it was here and asked us to pray for the folks up North where, he said, it was really cold as if we had never experienced such low temperatures. Mind you 90% of the folks here are from "up North".
Anyway, hope you feel the warmth of our prayer for all you Northerners.