Sunday, February 4, 2018

Cardinal Marx Suggests the Church Develop Blessing Rituals for Breaking Sixth Commandment

It gives us all a special feeling to come to terms with the reality that Pope Francis thinks the "theology" of Cardinal Marx is the path to salvation.

The president of the German Bishops’ Conference has declared that, in his view, Catholic priests can conduct blessing ceremonies for homosexual couples.

Cardinal Reinhard Marx told the Bavarian State Broadcasting’s radio service that “there can be no rules” about this question. Rather, the decision of whether a homosexual union should receive the Church’s blessing should be up to “a priest or pastoral worker” and made in each individual case, the German prelate stated.

Why single out one? Why not develop a whole set of rituals to "bless" breaking the Sixth Commandment?

Shouldn't the Church have a ritual to 'bless' extramarital affairs?

What about a 'blessing' for masturbation?

It's hard to believe the Church would enable such a spiritual predator, but this is our reality. And of course he credits his enabler:

Describing this as a “fundamental orientation” emphasized by Pope Francis, Marx called for the Church to take “the situation of the individual, ... their life-story, their biography, ... their relationships” more seriously and accompany them, as individuals accordingly

What would stop a person who would enable the destruction of tens of thousands of immortal souls from enabling a pedophile? As destructive and horrifying as enabling a pedophile, from the mystical perspective, the latter is much less of a crime against human persons. As Christ warned us, people who do things to our bodies are not to be feared - a destroyer of immortal souls is far more dangerous.

It is surreal the counterfeit church has risen to the Chair of Peter.

I wish somebody would put a private detective on Marx and get to the root of his poisonous fruit. I really do.

O Lord, watch over your household with constant loving care. Let your protection forever shield those who place their trust solely upon the hope of your heavenly grace. Through our Lord.


Anonymous said...

This has got to be the final straw, God HAS to take drastic measures!

Catechist Kev said...

A cardinal of the Catholic Church said this?

Dear Lord in heaven, have mercy.

TLM said...

Padre Pio as he took the shoulders of one of his priest confidants, Fr. Villa, saying to him 3 times!......"Be brave now because Freemasonry has even entered unto the Papal loafers."....... PADRE PIO! One of the greatest mystic saints of the Church! You know, the one that could read souls?? locate?? fought physically with Satan himself?? He was telling one of his priests to HAVE COURAGE, the Church is in GRAVE TROUBLE. That was then......and now we have Bergoglio....the DESTROYER POPE. The one beyond a doubt that was 'elected' to 'take her down.' The enemies have decided it's time to 'finish the job'.... they have decided it's time to take her down and out. God, however, has other plans, but hang on to your Rosary beads!!! It's going to be a very wild ride! I fear the horrors are just beginning.

Anonymous said...

"I wish somebody would put a private detective on Marx and get to the root of his poisonous fruit. I really do."

Great statement! Would anyone be surprised by what was found???

Finally, to quote Gandalf: "So it begins, the great battle of our time."

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't believe that Freemasonry has infiltrated the Church. People love to gin up rumors and false narratives and dish them out to the uneducated masses. These rumors grow into conspiracy theories which now are spun off as "facts" to be believed by gullible religious types.

Sorry, I am just skeptical.


TTC said...

Ben, The corrupt in the Holy See are sexual perverts and thieves. It's the devil.