Friday, February 9, 2018

Pope Francis Counterfeit church in China Bans Children

A new development in Pope Francis Counterfeit Church in China: Chinese priests ordered to put up signs banning children.

Since China’s new regulations for religious affairs took effect on February 1, minors have been banned from entering places of worship in several regions.

A priest in Hebei province who asked to remain anonymous told that authorities had asked clergymen in some parts of the province to post signs prohibiting minors from entering religious venues, prayer houses and other church premises.

“They also threaten churches that they cannot be used if they refuse to post the signs,” he said.

A blogger wrote that “religious venues are the third premises, following clubs and internet bars, where minors are prohibited from entering by authorities.”

I keep refreshing my browser but there is NO response from the Holy Father whose actions have empowered the counterfeit church and oppressed and silenced the authentic Church which survives underground.

This is the next logical step to extinguish the faith and Sacraments in the next generation of Chinese children. The agenda can be more out in the open in China because our people there are oppressed and Pope Francis has publicly handed Christ over for execution.

Thank God Pope Francis crusade for communism did not get traction in America. I pray we are spared that crucible. That's when we will really find out who really has the courage to follow Christ.

In the free world, extinguishing the faith and Sacraments has to take a more deceptive and devious course. I'm still in awe that the Romans were not successful in selling communism and communists to America. We still have the freedom of media sources to expose corruption without threat of death.

The trajectory of killing the faith and Sacraments for the next generation in the free world requires snuffing out Sanctifying Grace. As the Romans have demonstrated, this is taking two tracks:

1. Lying about what Church Teaching is and is not.

2. Luring the uncatechized into a deep intractable state of diabolical disorientation by compounding their situation with sacrilegious reception of the Blessed Sacrament.

This is a slower and less ineffective path, but heretical priests have been grooming our people for generations and far too many are ripe. The damages are hardly inconsequential.

The Roman crusade for communism and the counterfeit church is making China its model. Last week, the Romans praised communism in China for best implementation of the Catholic Church's 'social doctrine'...Sorondo praised China as “extraordinary.”

According to the head of the Vatican’s Pontifical Academies for Sciences and Social Sciences, China’s current communist regime which is infamous for its massive scale of human rights violations is the “best [at] implementing the social doctrine of the Church.”

Pope Francis' real spiritual and physical threat to the authentic Catholic Church in China is the persecution and executions that will take place for refusing to follow the Holy Father's counterfeit Church.

Boy, is it ever painful to talk about the Holy Father and his pontificate this way. For practicing Catholics, a lot of things play into the conflict between honesty and temperance and respect. I don't say these things in a reactionary way because I'm angry. In fact, it's the complete opposite: There is great resistance to being honest about the Holy Father and his pontificate. I don't want to speak openly and honestly about what is happening as a result of the Holy Father's leadership. It's one of those things I'm forced to do because not doing so is a disservice to Christ and His Church and His people.

I've said this before and it's worth repeating: I do not make any judgment on the motives of the Holy Father. In fact, I presume his flaws and limitations and concupiscence are being used as tools. Judgment about motives to outcomes belong to Christ. What can't be denied is that he sees outcomes and he keeps going with the agenda.

As a writer, I've written things that a lack of clarity left them to be taken out of context. When someone brought a conclusion to my attention which I didn't intend to convey, I immediately correct the post and work harder to ensure what I write is painfully detailed to draw people to conclusions consistent with Church teaching.

It takes discipline to withhold the reactions going through my head. Sometimes, I have to cool off before I write about something. It takes prayer and the Sacraments to move myself out of the way. I have accepted a teeny-tiny role articulating Church teaching on a blog. People can google subject matter and find what I've written years from when I wrote it. I'm careful about what I say and don't say.

Yet, with his awesome responsibility, there is no evidence of Pope Francis applying this discipline. He refuses repeated requests to correct his own lack of clarity, errors and misguidance. I'm at a loss to find its resemblance to Christ.

Most responsible Catholics have been forced, against their will, to face the truth about the Pope Francis pontificate and are writing about it in service to Christ and His people. His counterfeit church in China has risen so boldly and high in Christendom that not writing about it is a dereliction of duty to Christ.


Michael Dowd said...

Vatican II was the charter all the misbehavior of the last 50 years. It is a catastrophe for the Church and must be abrogated in it's entirety. Pope Francis is the personification of this infamous council which granted permission for the Church to become worldly, discarding it's mission to help us become saints. Rather the Vatican II vision is for a one world communist government and a one world religion that supports the government. This is how the China situation should be interpreted.

Anonymous said...

In my home, we called those "catholics (??" quislings, Judases and/or
"fifth columnists!!"

Sadly, there is no other other description that fits the crime.

Anonymous said...

You are exactly correct. As I've been saying for a couple years now, there is NO person on earth who does more damage to faithful Christians, especially Catholic Christians, than Bergoglio. He lives and breathes to incite hatred and violence against those who truly follow Christ. He leads the charge in the persecution of Christians. And I continue to pray every day for his conversion.

Fr. VF said...

Fully aware that Hillary and Obama had engineered the butchering of millions of Christians, and were persecuting many others, Bergoglio pilfered from Peter's Pence and sent a hefty donation to Hillary's campaign.

Michael Dowd said...

Fr. VF. The good thing about the infamous Bergoglio is that his extreme actions to undermine our faith have brought much more clarity to the true devastated state of the Church which began--purposely--at Vatican II to make Catholicism a one world secular religion in service of a one world government.

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Bergoglio aka Francis 1st is not a true Pope.
It is very probable that Pope Benedicts abdication remains canonically invalid.
In addition even if it was valid abdication Bergoglio's election itself is dubious and even if that was valid then Bergoglio by publicly professed formal heresy has deposed himself from the papacy.
In my view therefore Bergoglio has no authority whatsoever and needs to be shunned.
Signed: John Larkin.

Fr. VF said...

Bergoglio's goal is the same in all nations: Wipe out Catholicism.

He would do to us what he is doing in China, if we didn't have Donald Trump to protect us. See the hate spewed against Trump by American bishops!

Anonymous said...

Beware of Cdl Parolin the Vatican Sec of State.