Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Almost in Francis Heaven...

How do I get out of these shoes?

I think we are missing a lot of fun if we don't have twitter!

Did you see this dog and pony show?

So fun.

Do they think we are going to abandon the salvation of the people we love because they dusted off Pope Benedict to try to give legitimacy to the crack pipes being passed out by the Romans?


This is very peculiar.   I smell Jack Connors and Rasky Baerlein.


Anonymous said...

Something stinks.....Ihope this is FAKE NEWS.

deaconmike said...

It seems that Benedict XVI wrote (but it was omitted) that he had NOT read any of Pope Francis' theology and would not....

The two are clearly as divergent as black is to white.

TLM said...

And THIS is really Benedict's style of expressing himself? PLEASE! Just because he is now 'elderly' doesn't mean he's now a complete LUNATIC and has completely evolved into a flowery 'Francis freak'. Benedict wasn't perfect by any stretch, but he was at least somewhat Catholic, which Francis IS NOT! It was either forced or the entire thing has been fabricated by these demons in the Vatican. Sorry, I'm not buying it for a New York second!

Like I've seen said on other comboxes: 'They're LAUGHING AT US'.

Michael Dowd said...

What this means is that Pope Francis has Pope Benedict's blessing and that they are both on the same page saying that Vatican II is the future.
See Hilary White's note on this:

Truth: Vatican II is a catastrophe for the Church and must be abrogated in it's entirety.