Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Holy Father's Cronies Admit Blurring Pope Benedict Letter

That's not all they're blurring.

This is the weirdest story.

They finally concede there is a dispute between what the Holy Father is saying and what's in the Deposit of Faith, but instead of reconciling the errors, they decide Pope Benedict can make the mess go away by authoring a letter saying he's observed and read what the Holy Father says and does and the crack pipes are Catholic, so go right ahead and tell your children to smoke them.

But Pope Benedict instead writes a letter saying he doesn't know anything about the crack pipes and while he appreciates finding them on his doorstep, he's too busy to pay any attention to the consequences of renouncing the Chair of Peter.   Instead of finding a plan b, they cherry pick and blur out the letter to give the appearance that Pope Benedict XVI said the crack pipes are Catholic.

It's all so devious. 

It bothers me that Pope Benedict XVI couldn't be bothered trying to figure out what is happening to us.

Lord, we most humbly beg of your boundless mercy to grant the holy Catholic Church a bishop, a man full of zeal for us and pleasing to you, who may rule the Church well for the glory of your name and may be held in honor of your people.  Through our Lord.


Anonymous said...

I am shocked! shocked!! that there is corruption at the Vatican!!

Not really. It is what is expect from this Pope and his cronies.

Michael Dowd said...

This is the least of the things this corrupt Vatican and Pope should be embarrassed about. This time, the smoke and mirrors of Satan, just like our MSM.

Anonymous said...

Father Z links to the latest version of the “full story”. Ratzinger (Pope Benedict? Is he Pope or not?) said he would have refused to read the collection of Bergerglioist books sent to him even if he were not already busy because they included writing by a German theologian who directly contradicted Benedict 16s Magisterium. And he had already said he wouldn’t comment on that anymore (why give your enemies free press?) so basically the letter says “Dear Francis, I received your insulting shipment of insulting material that insults me, and your insulting request that I make some favorable comments about it, and wow, I’m pleased to learn that you know how to read books! But no, I won’t be doing anything of the sort. Go away.”

TTC said...


Just unreal!!!!