Thursday, August 25, 2016

Did Soros Give the Bishops Cash in Exchange for Pope Francis to Play a Political Puppet for the Democratic Party?

I suspected something like this when secular media reported Boston's Jack Connors was leading Pope Francis around by the nose.

Parading Pope Francis into Cuba to praise leaders of the violent communists stunk to the high heavens.

For readers outside of Boston, here's more background on Connors.

In December of 2014, I said this:

I bet money was funneled into Church coffers somewhere.

The Pope's praise of violent dictators included positioning a Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in revolution square, giving the appearance of veneration of the portrait of Che.

At the time, Cardinal O'Malley affirmed the veneration of Che was deliberate. Here's what he said:

"Today we had the privilege and the joy to attend Pope Francis' Mass in Havana in the Plaza de la Revolución under the picture of his fellow Argentine Che Guevara. Hundreds of thousands of people from Cuba, and from beyond, gathered with the Holy Father for this great event," Cardinal O'Malley said.


Only a nice payment of cashola to bishops could be behind this outrageous use of a Pope and worse, the Holy Sacrifice of Christ.

I am not saying Pope Francis knew about it, but there are reports of his direct participation in setting it up. I've done very little diligence on the substance of these emails but from what I've read, Cardinal O'Malley is not mentioned as being involved in the payoff. But whether they knew and helped arrange it doesn't mitigate their outrageous participation, statements and silence on human rights of babies being murdered.

Some of the statements made by Pope Francis at the time also stunk of a George Soros infomercial. Claiming Trump wasn't Christian, overlooking the connection of the murderous regime of Obama to Christians and the unborn, instead reporting the Pope called Obama from the plane on the ride home to give Obama his well-wishes.

Then, just at the time of discovery that unborn children were being hacked alive to harvest body parts and Congress was contemplating continuing to fund them, Pope Francis stood in front of Congress and deliberately withheld any discussion on the human rights of the unborn.

I'm sorry to say it, but this also had the stink of a corrupt monetary agreement. More digging needs to be done.

When macabre evidence that human beings are being dissected alive and the idiots paying for it are in front of you, who would instead prepare a discussion on invented concerns about the weather? Say not one word to influence the murdering regime to stop paying for it? Say absolutely nothing?

It was as bizarre as a pope being ushered into a bunker in Auschwitz and as we are all glued to our televisions waiting for him to say something about the killing of the Jews, watch him give a speech about littering and air pollution.

Here is another creepy development: Pope Francis administration appears to be collaborating with communists in the appointment of bishops.

There are even reports that the Holy Father is denying the existence of the counterfeit church erected by communists and the decades of persecution.

Another thing I am suspicious the Bishops were given cash for, is the political publicity stunt they pulled at the Mexican border with the Blessed Sacrament.

The evidence of a political payoff to bishops has been made public, and any way you slice it we have a front row seat to Judases taking his handful of cash.


M. Prodigal said...

Not how soon to be Saint Mother Teresa acted when given a high spotlight. Not how any pope ever acted. We know the corruption is deep and if you follow the money, things can be better understood. Money hid the abuse crisis for years. Money brings in illegals and even enemy illegals as "c"atholic "charities" benefits with payouts. Money to keep quiet. Money to nod to immoral things. Money aids the corruption. That coupled with sexual sin and you have the soup we are in now.

Michael Dowd said...

The Church is a sickening mess and getting worse. Pope Francis has lots of help in enthroning the devil in the world. As has been said there will only be a remnant when Christ comes again. We should pray to be part of it and help others to do the same. Getting the truth out about the Church is part of what bloggers like yourself are called to do.

Seppe said...

When I saw the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass used as a “publicity stunt” to make a political statement down at the US-Mexico border, I wondered if George Soros and his Open Society Foundations might have been instrumental. Now we have the evidence… The Holy Father, many Cardinals (Seán included) and Bishops are promoting, via immigration/migration, the "Open" "Borderless" society that Soros dreams of creating. Somewhere in his blog, Seán has mentioned the "social justice group" known as PICO and the Jesuits who work with them.

Sancta Maria, Mater Ecclesiae, ora pro nobis!

Michael Dowd said...

Seppe. Open borders will destroy the middle class and impoverish the country dragging wages down and inciting chaos and rebellion. The purpose is to set the stage for a world socialist government. The Catholic Church and it's Liberation Theology acolytes are complicit as you point out. There is only evil in this approach.

TTC said...

Michael, I really don't think they give a flying fig if they impovish and starve us all. Like the killing of the Jews, like the killing of the babies, like the rapes of our children, like the grand larceny of our salvation, like the tyranny and chaos and murders of the communists they idolize, they will prance around the catastrophic damage and blow kisses at us as, yelling peace, peace, peace, when there is no peace.

TLM said...

If you read the article at 'The Remnant', the article by Elizabeth Yore points out that Bergoglio and Soros go back a long way. Their relationship began when he was still a Bishop in Argentina, so they are not by any means 'newcomers' to each other. This was news to me, but I am not terribly surprised by the 'bedfellows' between Soros and his cabal and Bergoglio and his, seeing as though everything out of the Pope's mouth has been focused on 'economic equality', 'open borders', and even 'population control'. (seeing as though we need not 'reproduce like rabbits') I kept wondering why I saw a very vivid correlation between what the Pope was beating the drum about and the 'Obama Mantra', after all, Soros is a 'regular' at the White House it's been reported. They sounded kind of like 'twins'......and now the dots are actually connecting as terrifying as that thought is. I read in that article that Soros actually said: "I am the Pope's boss now", whether that statement is true or not, I don't know, but for sure, he and his band of Devils are now camping out in the Vatican and calling the shots, so for all practical purposes, it IS TRUE. We need Our Lady's help and prayers NOW more than we EVER HAVE!