Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cardinal Sean's Blog and the Corleone's (Part One and a Half) - Crossing the Rubicon.

Time does not permit a post that does "part two" of a series covering the Obama's political thugs who have taken over public policy and the distribution of Catholic doctrine, but I did want to put up a brief update.

The team at Bryan Hehir Exposed have put up a blog post explaining that "Francis Marion" is an anonymous identity for a collective team of Catholics faithful to the doctrines of the Church who are finished with the bullying tactics of the cabal running the Archdiocese of Boston and who have decided to out the conduct of the various powerbrokers and players involved.

Because the current climate in the Archdiocese is threats and intimidation, the people involved in the effort are protecting their identities.

People are scared.

Most orthodox Catholics in Boston who are involved in evangalization and/or defending the faith when dissent is misleading the flock have either been the subject of their smear of tactics and bullying or they know someone who has and supported those individuals through their crucible.

This climate has either frightened people into silence or driven people underground. I'll be telling stories about the conduct of in my series covering the thuggery and buffoonery of the Archdiocese but suffice it to say that they have been effective in frightening people.

This you see is the climate that has got to be "reformed".

The ten years of infomercials from the Catholic hierarchy about supposedly reforming this conduct has been smoke and mirrors. Of course there are people in the hierarchy who are dedicated to real reform. This has not reached the level of the diocese. This is where the reforms have been needed all along.

We have all reached a point here in Boston where we are going to push the cabal out into the public square, come what may.

We have crossed the Rubicon.

Buckle up kiddies.

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mike hurcum said...

Funny thing about this whole episode is that it is not Franciscan. If one reads Raphael Brown's introduction to the Flowers of St Francis it looks and one can say it is the spirit of brother elias abroad in the franciscan cardinal and shrine in Boston. Look what happened to him when the hierarchy had to wake up.