Thursday, May 6, 2010

They're Still Not Checking Names Like Faisdal Shahzdad Against the No Fly List

Yes, I am on a rant.

Have people gone mad?

They're checking freckled teenagers' lip gloss.

They're checking Nana's orthopedic shoes.

What they're not doing is checking names like Faisdal Shahzdad against the no fly list.

Rather than admit the profiles of terrorists have certain sounding names and demanding they take the precautions, we're all sitting on pins and needles when people who look like their name could be Faisdal Shahzdad are sitting on our flights. We all get off the flight breathing a sigh of relief like we just dodged a bullet because we're putting up with a government who puts our welfare below the admission that terrorists have certain looks and sounding names.

Why are we tolerating this?

The "flaws" are not in "the no fly list".

The "flaws" are letting the sissified, weak and craven dictate the definition of the word "nice".

We're living in a country where it isn't "nice" to stand at security in our socks and politely ask if they've checked out the group of disgruntled looking Arabs boarding the plane against the no fly list as they're sniffing taking away our 7 oz jar of Lancome.

It's almost as foolish as laity claiming it isn't nice to point out your Cardinal is ignoring the profile of a pedophile priest as someone whose sex lives have been used to write porn exploiting runaway teenagers while the hierarchy of the Catholic Church is giving him and his corrupt little Marxist apostate cover by honoring him at the Vatican.

I defy anybody to look at the picture of "pastoral associate" meeting and tell me that smoking pot in the 60's didn't destroy brain cells and fortitude.


Anonymous said...

The goofy sexual revolution took away many men's swords...I hold Fr. Bad Hair personally accountable for this- see humane Vite circa 1968.

Anonymous said...

Pride it's all that deadly sin of Pride - who/what do these women think they are?