Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Fate of Catholics United Petition to Cardinal O'Malley is Uncertain"

THIS you're going to love.

So, remember Catholics United said they delivered a "petition with 5000 names on it" asking the Cardinal to overrule Fr. Rafferty?

They're back in the news.  Apparently, the Cardinal couldn't find the petition and so Catholics United sent over three of their local members to hand-deliver it:

After the non-delivery was made public, Catholics United, which is based in Washington D.C., requested three of its members living in Boston (Joe Betz, Phil George and Larry Kessler) to personally deliver the signatures to the archdiocesan offices and take pictures of themselves at the entrance of Boston’s pastoral center.

Haven't they ever heard of certified mail?

They state the diocese first looked like it was going to craft a policy to preempt Fr. Rafferty and Cindy Duggan's "discrimination" but they are concerned about Cardinal O'Malley's recent statements and so they conjured up the petition.

The archdiocese initially signaled strong opposition to such discrimination and promised to craft a policy to preempt future controversy. Recent statements from Cardinal O'Malley and other archdiocesan officials, however, appeared more supportive of the school's admissions decision.
Here's their request:

The petition requests that the archdiocese allow the enrollment of children from gay couples in Catholic schools without any limitations or vetting process.
Let's just state for the record again that the Hingham mother made clear she was offended by Catholic teaching on human sexuality and expected the curriculum to exclude those teachings.  It is not "discrimination" to make the decision that the other parents in the school are paying tuition so their children will be taught the Catholic religion and so the relationship was not compatible.

It isn't possible to abstain from a conversation about whether a Catholic environment is one where every child will flourish.    Parents who dissent from the faith may not realize that what will be taught will cause a wedge of authority over moral matters at home and the consequences.   Decisions have to be made first and foremost to protect the deposit of faith being handed to the next generation.   Simultaneously, what is best for a child is not to subject them to psychological trauma of damaging the intimate relationship with their parents.

The right to teach human sexuality in accordance with the Catholic Church in a Catholic school is our right and we will exercise that right, come what may.

 One of their moles on the inside of the Chancery helped lobby the petition to the Cardinal:
In a press release sent to CNA, James Salt said that Catholics United members expressed their concerns “to an archdiocesan canon lawyer, who agreed to present the petition to Cardinal O'Malley on their behalf.”

The Archdiocesan lawyer is nameless, of course.

And, where does the petition end up?

Terry Donilon, Secretary for Communications of the Archdiocese of Boston, informed CNA on May 28 that he is in possession of the petition to Cardinal O'Malley.

What does your press secretary have to do with the discernment of the Cardinal in evaluating the merits of the positions of the petition for your new education policies?

In response to a question about what influence the petition might have on the forthcoming policy, Donilon said that “the recent statements by the Cardinal and Dr. Grassa O’Neill addressing the matter noted that we expect a policy to be established in the near term in order to provide guidance for pastors and schools going forward.” 

What do these folks (being coddled and entertained by Cardinal O'Malley and his wizards) do on the ground to advance their Catholics United agenda?

Let's start with Joe Betz:

Joe Betz is a high school teacher at Trinity Catholic High School in Newton.  

Joe Betz

High School Teacher at Trinity Catholic
Demographic info:
Education Management | Greater Boston Area
Teacher at Trinity Catholic High School, Music Workshop Facilitator at Joe Betz, Co-Director Arrupe Explorers at Arrupe Summer Program
Volunteer at Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Boston College, Mercyhurst College, Harvard University (<---another Bryan Hehir coup connection)

Guess Phil George's occupation?

He's the theology teacher at Trinity Catholic High School.

Here they both are on the website at Trinity Catholic.

This proves my point that teachers in the Archdiocese dissent from the teachings of the Church and it is therefore ludicrous to suggest, as Bryan Hehir does, that the policy of the Archdiocese is that the teachings on human sexuality are to be faithfully taught.  

The policy is a joke when you hire teachers that dissent from the teachings of the Church.

Building a policy that is built on a lie is not the handiwork of God.

I don't see his markings.

I saved the best for last.  Larry Kessler.  Larry is on the right in the photo at the "Pastoral Center".  He's been the leading advocate of sexual promiscuity in the homosexual community for decades.

Larry pimps sex.

He used to stand out in front of the Cathedral on the day of ordination and throw condoms at the seminarians.

You can read a little about Larry's special project here in Boston at BHE on this post.

We don’t have the time to go into all of the history of Larry Kessler.  Heres the best example of what you need to know.  His AIDS Action Committee published an illustrated sexually-explicit guide to safe sex for gay people called the “Little Black Book: Queer in the 21st century”.  Its gross.  Really gross.  MassResistance has a copy of the book online, but warning, it’s very explicit and very disturbing. It opens with “Hey Queer Boys!  Is this is a great time to be gay or what!”  WARNING, the following 2 links are very graphic. Apologies for the graphic language and pictures folks, but topics include  “watersports”, “fisting,” “mutual jerkin’ off,” and “Handy Dandy Condom Guide.”  Under condom usage, the book says, “Condoms say ‘I care’ and using a condom lets your partner know you think he’s worthwhile as a __ck.” On May 19, 2005, the Boston Globe reported that these booklets were given out by mistake at a Brookline High School event on gay and lesbian issues attended by high school and middle school students.

"by mistake".


The book also gives hints on where the kids could find partners to hook up with.

Isn't it nice to know that when the policy that preempts discernment on admissions gets rolled out, as Bryan Hehir has promised, Larry Kessler and his friends sitting pretty with the folks running the Archdiocese will be right there to help everyone out?

BTW, Catholics United was started by Eric McFadden who ran the Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Governor Strickland political wing and who was subsequently convicted of running a prostitution ring, including pimping teenagers.

One thing you can take to the bank.  You won't find a blog post on Cardinal Sean's Blog saying these people are doing a disservice to Christ's Church.

Good luck to Ireland. 


Anonymous said...

Carol, wonderful reporting. Please send this to the Vatican -- and send it to other Catholic bloggers too. Is Kessler still in charge of the gay outreach at Our Lady Help of Christians in Newton? Didn't he work with Cuenin?


Anonymous said...

Why don't we just split the Church? I, for one, am tired of trying to co-exist with people who are determined to change the Roman Catholic Church into their own image and likeness. They have all but succeeded in destroying everything.

I was born in the early 1950s and am here to tell you that the present day Church bears no resemblance to the once I was raised in.


Jerry said...

"The right to teach human sexuality in accordance with the Catholic Church in a Catholic school is our right and we will exercise that right, come what may."

In accordance with the Church, i.e., with the imprimatur, they teach kindergarteners, "penis, testes, breasts, vagina, buttocks, anus, urinate, defecate, or move the bowels." (see ). By sixth grade, they teach ... er, well ... let me here recall Carol's warning about content. It suffices to say that Larry Kessler would be proud, gay proud. See for yourself, if you dare: . This is from the "Growing in Love" program from our sexologist bishops.

Agreed, Veronica, it bears no resemblance to the Church we were raised in.

TheLastCatholciinBoston said...

The Latin Mass.
Mary Immaculate of Lourdes, Oak St.
Newton, noon on Sundays. Fully united with Rome, fully obedient to Benedict XVI.
Go just once to restore your faith and hope.

These Katholic progressives don't want to split the church they want to destroy the Church.
They will fail.

Anonymous said...

I find the presence of an article such as that by philosphy professor Michael Pakaluk in this week's Pilot,
"Children in the custody of same-sex couples in parochial schools" (, interesting and amazing.

He is currently out of his previous digs in Worcester Calrk University) and Cambridge (Harvard University) at the Institute for the Psychological Sciences in Arlington, Virginia, and will be at Ave Maria University in Florida in the fall.

Anonymous said...

Veronica - no way, it's Christ's Church & they can leave, they can split but as bad as it get's we have to be an example. My opinion anyway...

Carol - keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...


You'll have to send me a plane ticket to fly from one coast to another!

Agreed though. There's nothing like the old Mass.

Marie Tremblay said...

Anonymous said...

This is completely absurd and ridiculous. The fact that a mother wanted to enroll her child in a Catholic school and Catholics want to say no! Aren't Catholic schools closing all the time? Are those children who are without a religion or with a different religion discriminated against?

The Catholic Church claims to "Welcome All" - but that is clearly not what is true. This issue is not about those who believe in Catholicism, it is about people who are afraid of homosexuality. It is about people who want to keep others out. The Catholic Church should not be a forum for that issue.

TTC said...

Ha. Who loaded your crack pipe?!!

Homosexuals are no different than any other person attracted to sins that rob us of our salvation. When caring Catholics see a soul tangled up in any addiction, be it the misuse of their sexual equipment, drugs, alcohol, and the secular culture idolizes Charlie Sheen as their role model, what Catholics are "afraid of" are the spineless narcissists in the Chancery who dont give a flying fig where you spend eternity.

TTC said...

And, for the record, there are many homosexuals who avail themselves of the sacraments of the Catholic Church to fortify the virtues they need to take the wind out of their sails when their ships are full speed ahead towards acting on temptation to sin.

When pressure is put on the priests and teachers to stop teacging Cathic children that chastity is the only choice when faced with temptation, that is when the fur starts to fly.

And, homosexuals are not the only people with whom this dynamic play out.They are joined by heteroxesuals who are sexually active, on birth control, having abortions, etc. Get over yourself.