Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ireland Awaits Mr. Fix It

You can always count on that wise expert in Catholic theology Thomas Groome to say the complete opposite of truth in a fact finding mission.

“He goes into Dublin with a lot of credibility and a good track record,” Groome said. “He won’t tolerate a cover-up. He’ll have a pastoral outreach to the victims. He will see to it that the Dublin church is doing things above board. In fairness, that’s been his record in Boston. If the church is going to send in apostolic visitors, I don’t think they could have picked a better person than Cardinal Sean O’Malley.”

You see this is what is so troubling to Boston Catholics who are in the know about what is truly going on.   From the ground, we saw the Cardinal cover up a business to kill the children of the poor, why on earth would anyone believe he'd act any different when papers hit his desk about raping children?

We have had seven years of dishonesty.

After several years of sending paper trails to the Nuncio and Vatican about the propensity of the Cardinal to cover up corruption, the Vatican selects him to "fix" Ireland?

It's actually kind of creepy.

The temptation is there to draw the conclusion that their public statements about wanting to clean up corruption are insincere.

I find myself in agreement with Terry McKeirnan:

“The fact is, O’Malley, everywhere he has gone, has been a fixer,” he said. “He’s taken a bad situation for the Catholic Church, glossed it over and he’s a been a silencer, really, rather than a healer.”

He's thrown money at everyone to shut them up and make them go away. Meanwhile, back at the Chancery, he's dismantled everything that is Catholic and handed over the Chancery and the Deposit of Faith to the wealthy apostates.   He has bullied and threatened orthodox priests into silence to the point where they have to fly under the radar.

O’Malley’s work in Ireland begins this fall and is expected to take about a year to complete. The Boston Archdiocese says Cardinal O’Malley’s responsibilities here will not change.
Even taking out the facts that the Vatican is completely aware of the Cardinal's ineptitude, the chaos and dishonesty, how to they figure he can run the most corrupt archdiocese in America and simultaneously clean up the most corrupt diocese in the world?

At best, it is a joke.


Anonymous said...

One positive note about the visitation to Ireland is that our (relatively new) Archbishop here in NYC, Timothy Dolan, will be in charge of the crucial review of seminaries in Ireland. I have been impressed by Archbishop Dolan's strength and seriousness so far and it is possible that come autumn (around the time of the visitation) he will be Cardinal Dolan and will have a somewhat greater profile and influence even on his brother bishops, as the Cardinal from New York. We can pray.

Carol I share your concerns, but perhaps it was simply seen as important (expedient?) for this visitation to have the highest ranking American prelate with an Irish sounding name involved? More than it was an identification of Cardinal O'Malley as a Mr Fix-it. (Mahony probably wouldn't be a good choice here...nor McCarrick). I could be wrong.


Anonymous said...

Tom, surely you are grasping at straws.

Nice try though!


St. Dymphna, help us!

Anonymous said...

I question Archbishop Dolan's objectivity in thus matter, because according to a comment to a thread on Fr. Zuhlsdorf's weblog
(, His Grace just returned from a junket to the Maynooth Seminary in Ireland paid by the U.S. fund-raising organization for the seminary, American Friends of Maynooth. Read the article for the situation at the seminary.

Anonymous said...

While some liberals (such as ex-Fr. Groome) are praising the choice of His Eminence, others (such as and SNAP) are questioning (if not downright condeming) it. See "American groups critical of Vatican’s choices for Irish sex scandal overseers," by CATHY HAYES, Staff Writer

Carol McKinley said...

Hi Tom! Nice to hear from you again. I'll bet this makes you miss Massachusetts, eh?