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MCFL Once Again Engineers a "Prolife Questionnare" To Avoid Revealing Tim Cahill's ProChoice Positions.

You see these feet  ------------------------------------->

Tim Cahill believes in the 'right' to kill children by vacuuming the limbs off of the unborn until they are dead.

He wants that procedure to be done 'safely'.

The prolife movement knows that the procedure is never 'safe' for the child because the child dies.

The purpose of the prolife movement is to oppose advocates of abortion.

If we are not this, we are nothing.

There are races, such as the one for governor where all the candidates believe in the right to kill the unborn at the whims of the mother.   I don't have any argument at all, that out of the three proabortion candidates on the ticket, Tim Cahill is the best of the lot.   I don't mean to throw him under the bus for people who feel like he's the best we've got.   Go for it.

The dust up in the prolife community is about MCFL's attempts to redefine the word 'prolife'.

These are critical moments in the prolife movement. 

MCFL has consistently annointed candidates who support abortion as 'prolife'.   

This is unacceptable.   It is a hijacking the prolife movement.

If you support vacuuming a child unto death in utero - you don't make the cut into the prolife camp.  

These are the days to close the borders and fortify the walls.  

The enemy is within.  We have got to be honest about it or we are toast.  

Once again, as they did with Romney, Brown and others - MCFL is saying Tim Cahill earned his 'outstanding' prolife rating as a result of his responses to MCFL's questionnaire.

I'm not buying into it.

Here's the reason why:  Like everything else with MCFL, what they don't tell you is more important than what they're telling you.  MCFL doctored up questionnaire so that Cahill didn't have to answer that abortion is one of his 'core values'.

MCFL proactively covers up for and lies about their candidates position.

Here's the 'questionnaire' MCFL doctored up and gave to Cahill to answer.

Seasoned prolifers have seen (and some of us have helped author) questionnaires for political candidates and  recognize that critical questions are absent from their questionnaire.

The absent questions are the fruit of knowing the answers and finding ways to keep those answers from the prolife grassroots.

It is not what you call actions taken in good faith.

MCFL actually removed questions from Cahill's questionnaire to cover up his support for abortion so they could label him an 'outstanding advocate for the unborn'.

Here's a legitimate pro-life questionnaire with standard questions in the prolife industry.

Note the differences.

MCFL has morphed into Catholics United.

And, like what a tangled web we have to weave when practicing deceiving, MCFL is coming up with some doozies for excuses.

The exchange I posted yesterday with Anne Fox from MCFL continued on for a few more rounds of emails where she continued to assert that the MCFL PAC has nothing to do with MCFL.

Carol, the endorsement is by the MCFL State PAC which is an entirely different entity from Massachusetts Citizens for Life.  If you go to their web site, I believe they have the information that interests you.

Yes, how silly of us to think Mass Citizens for Life created a PAC to get the vote out for their candidates and the PAC therefore are the ground troops for Mass Citizens for Life.

'The MCFL State PAC has asked us to share this news with you."

They are talking to people who have been in the prolife movement for 20 or more years.  We know how it works.  They are circumventing truth by piling up intellectual dishonesty.

The dust up is covered in today's Globe.

The Massachusetts Citizens for Life State Political Action Committee announced its endorsement of Cahill last Monday, saying he would be an “outstanding advocate for the unborn, the disabled, and the elderly.’’
“Cahill holds prolife positions on all aspects of the issue from abortion funding to informed consent, to partial birth abortion and parental consent,’’ Madeline McComish, the chairwoman of the PAC, said in a statement.
But Cahill’s spokeswoman Amy Birmingham maintained yesterday that he remains pro-choice. On Friday, she said, “He would never do anything to overturn Roe v. Wade.’’
McComish said yesterday that she was surprised to learn that Cahill still favors abortion rights and that she would ask him to clarify his position.

I want to believe McComish.  Really, I do.    But, I've seen her name around the prolife community for a couple of decades.  How can anyone be actively involved in a prolife initiative and be oblivious to everything the candidate has said about abortion, or not recognize the prolife candidate questionnaire has been doctored up after twenty years of political experience?

Moreover McCormish interviewed him and apparently, the question never came up as to whether he supports abortion rights:

Asked if she considered Cahill to be opposed to abortion based on his answers, McComish answered, “Well, yes!’’

“He came in and the PAC interviewed him and I was impressed with him,’’ she added. “And I do believe, based on my meeting with him, that he is prolife. Otherwise we would not have endorsed him.’’

Massachusetts Citizens for Life Political Action Committee didn't ask whether the candidate supported abortion rights.  They skipped right over the question.

That is impossible to swallow.

Voters have become increasingly skeptical about candidate conversions, in recent years, stung by former governor Mitt Romney’s assertions of his pro-choice credentials when he ran for governor in 2002 and his declaration that he had always been “prolife’’ when he ran for president in 2006. 

A conversion?

Let's review the material facts again.  

As of Friday, Cahill's spokeswoman said he "absolutely" supports abortion:

But Cahill’s spokeswoman Amy Birmingham maintained yesterday that he remains pro-choice. On Friday, she said, “He would never do anything to overturn Roe v. Wade.’’
The beef is not with Cahill.

It is with MCFL's active support of abortion rights candidates.  It's about the dishonesty MCFL is using to redefine what it means to be an outstanding advocate for the unborn.  They don't have the right to bring proabortion candidates into the fold of the prolife movement.

This is the reason for our existence, the purpose of our work.    If  you believe outstanding advocates for the unborn can believe in the right to tear babies apart until they are dead, you are a pro abortion advocacy group.

MCFL has pulled in the Trojan Horse.

Let's not be fools and cowards, shall we?

The hardest part of righteousness is standing up to the enemy within.  If they want to go this route - which they have for 20 years - we have got to send them packing for the sake of the children who lose their lives in this compromise.

 But Massachusetts Citizens for Life sometimes backs candidates who favor abortion rights...

Even the Boston Globe is onto it.

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LightOneCandle said...

I completely agree with you. What a disappointment MCFL has become. No more money to this group from me.