Saturday, August 14, 2010

Archbishop Burke and the "Rights" of "Eucharistic Ministers"

This week Archbishop Burke clarified the role of "persons of the feminine sex" at the Altar and "Eucharistic Ministers"

The American archbishop went on to point out that certain elements may need to be clarified in this regard. For example, he wrote, among the "rights" of the baptized, assistance by "persons of the feminine sex" at the altar is not included. Additionally, serving as a lector or as an extraordinary distribution of communion is not a right of the laity, he noted.
As such, out of respect for the integrity of the liturgical discipline within the Roman Missal of 1962, these more modern modifications are not observed in the extraordinary form.
This clarification comes just a week after L'Osservatore Romano writer Lucetta Scaraffia published an article on the altar server pilgrimage to the Vatican which drew thousands of boys and girls alike. She drew some attention as she proposed that the introduction of girls into the position of serving at the altar "meant the end of every attribution of impurity to their sex ... it meant a different attention to the liturgy and an approach to the faith in bringing it near to their very hearts."
Archbishop Burke clarified, however, that the reality of the matter is that neither the presence of girls at the altar, nor the participation of lay faithful "belong to the fundamental rights of the baptized."

This, of course, leaves the faithful with a little more time in the pews on their knees after Communion.  For a long time now, the people in the pews have been begrudging God prayer in those moments.   Instead of prayer, minds are racing 'when am I going to get out of here', 'this is taking too long' and there Jesus is feet from us wanting intimacy with us.

If you are practicing looking upon every moment as an opportunity to see God in the situation and follow his Will, there isn't room to get all huffy and defensive and insecure.     You can look upon the situation and see the opportunity where Christ is calling women closer to Him.

 There are plenty of distractions, insecurities and rebellion in this world keeping us from seeing God's opportunities in the moment.  It's a discipline to remove yourself from a situation, to surrender and ask God to lead you.

  I went over to the National Catholic Reporter to see the pandemonium of the persons of feminine sex there, but I guess it came out after they went to press for the week because I don't see it covered.  We'll have to wait for next week.   Every time I go over there, I feel like I'm at the base of Mt. Sinai watching the rebellion around Aaron as he polishes the golden calf.

Most of us are in Church once a week.  There are a lot of people and situations that can use prayer.  Surrender.

I'm giving You my heart and all that is within,
I lay it all down for the sake of You, my King.
I'm giving you my dreams,
I'm laying down my rights,
I'm giving up my pride,
For the promise of new life.
And I surrender all to You, all to You.

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