Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bryan Hehir, the Catholic Pirate

Every family has a relative or two that entertains the children with innocuous "magic" tricks.   At some point we realize Uncle Nick can't really pull the top of his thumb off or pull nickels out of his ear.   At some point, we realized anyone can mesmerize a four year old with tricks by using a little distraction and quick motions.   

It's about what your audience doesn't see.

Though I've always been troubled that what's seeded in "magic tricks" is the desire to make people think you have supernatural powers, early in my parenting, I had respect for people who were doing amazing things with distraction and movement.  

Thankfully, somebody somewhere in my life had warned me about magic can sometimes take the innocuous too far.  No doubt I thanked the individual and walked away thinking the poor thing was wrapped too tight because I did not heed the warning until one day when sitting with my oldest watching David Copperfield.    He did a few enjoyable little tricks and it all was going well.  Then he did a few more...things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmm.    Then, he went out into the street with his audience and made several buildings disappear.      "Yowza.  Divination.  See you later dude".   (As is typical with me, God has to  make things ridiculous before I acquiesce and bend my knee.)

What does this have to do with J. Bryan Hehir?

 The inherent dangers to passing on our faith to our children in this diocese Hehir is conjuring up can't be seen by the regular audience.  

Check out today's fantastic post on BryanHehirExposed.

Catholics are a group of people who surrender their desires out of their love for Christ.  

Like a husband who loves his wife too much to respond to his attraction to his next door neighbor, we are too much in love with Christ to follow our wild libidos.  

Fr. Hehir is burdened by the truths of our faith.    He's spent his life counseling people on how to avoid the Cross.  

The Crucifix is an albatross to him, and to society at large.     He's been at the USCCB, the Kennedy School of Government, Catholic Charities and within the Archdiocese of Boston training people how to reject the Cross.   Sleeping around, killing your children or other people's children is necessary in this pluralistic society. Catholics, after all, cannot infringe on the rights of other people to decapitate infants alive.  Why, the entire social justice system would collapse.

I know several Catholics who (formerly) used him as a spiritual guide and confessor.    When you need to arrest the urge to be faithful to Christ, J. Bryan Hehir has a bag of tricks he's developed for 40 years.  

In Boston, ground zero for an all out assault on Christendom and the Catholic Church, Bryan Hehir is working with the National Leadership Roundtable on Church Management to restructure the Catholic Church in America.

He's destroyed our ability to lobby.  He is shutting down our ability to be doctors, nurses or serve in any capacity in medicine.  He has cleaned out the Chancery of people faithful to doctrine.  Our priests loyal to the Magisterium have been threatened and silenced.   He is working on a 'policy' that changes Catholic schools from academies that train Catholic evangelists to places where priests will be prohibited to deny admission to children of parents who oppose the faith and make it clear they want the teachings of the Church silenced.  He   has threatened to cut off funding to every Catholic school who does not comply with his policy.   (BTW - more on this later - but remember the Hingham mother who called the teachings of the Church 'discriminatory' to her and her same sex partner?  --Bishop Dooher has arranged to have the faith shut down at a Catholic school in Weymouth so what is being taught as Catholic sexual morals the sniff test of the two mommies).

Do me a favor.

Go over and read the post on BryanHehirExposed to get a better understanding of how the people Hehir has put in place has silenced Catholic Evangelism in the public square.

When you're done, come back and watch this video of how the Church in the United States will be structured.   Look for the absence of things like the Catechism and the Pope.

To anyone interested in what Cardinal O'Malley and his henchmen are planning to do to Christ's Church, this is a must see video:

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